Special Needs

IM 362.1 AL21 Totorica, Virginia Nicole’s Story Rheumatoid Arthristis
IM 362.1 K128 Kamien, Janet. What If You Couldn’t Various special needs
IM 362.1 R723 Rosenberg, Maxine B. My Friend Leslie Physical and mental
IM 362.1 T769 Trull, Patti On with My Life Physical
IM 362.1 W831 Wolf, Bernard HIV Positive Health
IM 362.3 K672   Klein, Gerda Weissmann Blue Rose Mental disabilities
IM 362.3 M234   McNey, Martha Leslie’s Story Mental disabilities
IM 362.4 M782 Moore, Eva Buddy Seeing
IM 362.4 P442 Peterson Jeanne Whitehouse I Have a Sister, My Sister Is Deaf Hearing
IM 362.4 W981 Wyman, Dorothy Bruce Physical
IM 362.78 W831d Wolf, Bernard Don’t Feel Sorry for Paul Physical
IM 813 K919 Kroll, Virginia L. My Sister, Then and Now Sister's schizophrenia
IM JL F264 Fassler, Joan One Little Girl Mental disabilities
IM JL F629   Fleming, Viriginia M. Be Good to Eddie Lee Brother’s Downs Syndrome
WRW 4-8 R618w Rodowsky, Colby F. What About Me? Brother’s Downs Syndrome
WRW 9-12 F273s Faulkner, William Sound and the Fury Mental disabilities
WRW 9-12 H324m Hayden, Torey L. Murphy’s Boys Mental health issues
WRW 9-12 H324mg Hayden, Torey L. Ghost Girl Mental health issues
WRW 9-12 M365   Martin, Roberta R as in Chrrristopher Downs syndrome
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