Psychology - Professional Literature

Call_Number Author Title
150 F688 Fogiel, M. Psychology Problem Solver
150 K12 Kahn, Wallace J. A-B-C=s of Human Experience
150 M831 Morris, Charles G. Psychology
150.7 Am35 APA Graduate  Study in Psychology
150.7 F894 Fretz, Bruce R. Preparing for Graduate Study in Psychology
150.76 K293 Kellogg, Ronald T. Best Test Preparation for the GRE in Psychology
158 C812i Corey, Gerald I Never Knew I Had a Choice
158 K673 Kleinke, Chris L. Coping with Life Challenges
158.3 B162 Baird, Brian N. Internship, practicum, and field placement handbook
158.3 C175 Capuzzi, David Counseling and Psychotherapy
158.3 C812t Corey, Gerald Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy
158.3 C812ta   Corey, Gerald Student Manual
158.3 C813 Cormier, Sherry Interviewing Strategies for Helpers
158.3 D777 Doyle, Robert E. Essential Skills and Strategies in the Helping Process
158.3 Eg13s2 Egan, Gerald   Skilled Helper, 6th ed.
158.3 Ev15 Evans, David R. Essential Interviewing
158.3 G359 Gibson, Robert L Introduction to Counseling and Guidance
158.3 H97 Hutchins, David E. Helping Relationships and Strategies
158.3 Iv9 Ivey, Allen E.  Intentional Interviewing and Counseling
158.3 J152 Jacobs, Edward E. Group Counseling
158.3 L379 Lauver, Philip Practical Counselor
158.3 M475 Meier, Scott T. Elements of Counseling
158.3 Ok7 Okun, Barbara F. Effective Helping
158.3 Y86 Young, Mark E. Learning the Art of Helping
174.2 C812 Corey, Gerald Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions
174.9 C829 Cottone, R. Rocco Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling
174.9 St36 Steinman, Sarah O. Ethical Decision-Making Manual for Helping …
301.435 G155 Ganikos, Mary L. Counseling the Aged
302 B268 Baron, Robert A. Social Psychology
302 P644a Pillari, Vimala Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Families,....
302 P644b Pillari, Vimala Human Behavior in the Social Environment, the Devel....
308.6 L579 Leviton, Sharon C. Elements of Mediation
344.73 Sw42 Swenson, Leland D. Psychology and Law for the Helping Professions
361 AL52 Alle-Corliss, Lupe Advanced Practice in Human Service Agencies
361 C43 Chiaferi, Rosemary Developing Fieldwork Skills
361 P755 Poindexter, Cynthia Essential Skills for Human Services
361 W868 Woodside, Marianne Introduction to Human Services
361.3 AL52 Alle-Corliss, Lupe Human Service Agencies
361.3 C812 Corey, Marianne S. Becoming a Helper
361.3 D369 DeJong, Peter Interviewing for Solutions
361.973 Sch56 Schmolling, Paul Human Services in Contemporary America
362.2 L587 Lewis, Judith A. Community Counseling
362.2 St47 Stevens-Smith, P. Substance Abuse Counseling
362.7 M257 McWhirter, J. J. At-Risk Youth
362.8 F854 Franklin, Cynthia Family Practice
362.8 G565 Goldenberg, Herbert Counseling Today's Families
362.8 H193a Haney, James H. Basic counseling responses
362.8 H193b Haney, James H. Basic counseling responses, video
362.8 K32 Kemp, Alan Abuse in the Family
362.8 L97 Lum, Doman Culturally Competent Practice
362.8 W462 Wells, Carolyn C. Stepping to the Dance
371.4 Z87a Zunker, Vernon G. Career Counseling
371.4 Z87ac Zunker, Vernon G. Using Assessment Results for Career Development
616.86 B862   Buelow, George D. Psychotherapy in Chemical Dependence Treatment
616.89 B225 Bankart, C. Peter Talking Cures
616.89 C197 Carlson, Jon Family Therapy
616.89 C734a Comer, Ronald J. Abnormal Psychology
616.89 C734b Comer, Ronald J. Abnormal Psychology, video
616.89 C812 Corey, Marianne S. Groups, Process, and Practice
616.89 D717 Donigian, Jeremiah Systemic Group Therapy
616.89 G451 Gladding, Samuel T. Family Therapy
616.89 L824 Loeschen, Sharon Systematic Training in the Skills of  Virginia Satir
616.89 M951 Murphy, Bianca Interviewing in Action
616.89 Or8 Orton, Geraldine Strategies for Counseling with Children and Their Parents
616.89 Sh22 Shapiro, Jerrold Lee Brief Group Treatment
616.89 T315 Teyber, Edward Interpersonal Process in Psychotherapy
616.89 W443 Welch, Ira David Path of Psychotherapy
616.89 W891 Worden, Mark Gender Dance in Couples Therapy
616.89 Y86 Young, Mark E. Counseling and Therapy for Couples
658.3 K123 Kaiser, Tamara L Supervisory Relationships
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