IM 266 Y88a Youngberg, Norma R. Ayesha   (Singapore in last part)
IM 266 Y88j Youngberg, Norma R. Jungle Thorn
IM 266 Y88n Youngberg, Norma R. Nyla and the White Crocodile
IM 333.95 Sa35 Salmansohn, Pete Saving Birds (one chapter on Hornbills)
IM 394.268 K113 Kacher, Anisha Ravi’s Diwali Surprise
IM 394.268 Si64 Sing, Rachel Chinese New Year’s Dragon
IM 398.2 L995 Lyons, Kay Malaysian Children’s Favourite Stories
IM 398.2 T213 Taylor, Di Singapore Children’s Favourite Stories
IM 580 H34 Head, Honor Amazing Plants (2 p. about Rafflesia)
IM 782.4 L58 Lew, Jackie Chooi-Theng Malaysia [Games Children Sing] w/CD
IM 813 B853 Buchmann, Stephen Bee Tree
IM 959.5C43Chai, Kathleen Rhyming Round Malaysia
IM 959.5 D625 Di Piazza, Francesca Malaysia in Pictures
IM 959.5 G485 Glendinning, Aiden Malaysia (Changing Face of)
IM 959.5 G624 Goodman, Susan E. Chopsticks for My Noodle Soup
IM 959.5 H364 Heinrichs, Ann Malaysia (True Books)
IM 959.5 M23 McNair, Sylvia Malaysia (Enchantment of the World)
IM 959.5 M92 Munan, Heidi Malaysia (Cultures of the World)
IM 959.5 Os4 Oshihara, Yusuro Malaysia (Children of the World)
IM 959.5 R541 Roberts, Allen Malaysia (Ask About Asia)
IM JL G129 Gajah, Yusof Real Elephant
IM JL L628 f Lim, Margaret H. L. Four Eyes
IM JL L628 p Lim, Margaret H. L. Payah
IM JL L628 pr Lim, Margaret H. L. Precious Jade and Turnip Head
IM Map .595 (2012) Globetrotter travel map Sabah and Sarawak
File folder game Curriculum Library Discovering Malaysia
Game Curriculum Library Malaysia Concentration

  Also, puppets and their books:  orangutan, proboscis monkey, frogfish.  See "Puppets and Books" under Bibliographies for details.



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