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Call Number Author Title
IM 425 H367c Heller, Ruth Cache of Jewels
IM 425 H367k Heller, Ruth Kites Sail High
IM 425 H367m Heller, Ruth Many Luscious Lollipops
IM 425 H367me Heller, Ruth Merry-Go-Round
IM 425 H367u Heller, Ruth Up, Up and Away
IM 428 Sn52 Snodgrass, Catherine S. Super Silly Sayings That Are Over Your Head
IM 428.1 Ag32 Agee, Jon Who Ordered the Jumbo Shrimp?
IM 428.1 B75d Brennan-Nelson, Denise My Daddy Likes to Say
IM 428.1 B75g Brennan-Nelson, Denise My Grandma Likes to Say
IM 428.1 B75m Brennan-Nelson, Denise My Momma Likes to Say
IM 428.1 B75t Brennan-Nelson, Denise My Teacher Likes to Say
IM 428.1 C58i
Cleary, Brian P.
Pitch and Throw, Grasp and Know
IM 428.1 D138
Dahl, Michael
If You Were a Synonym
IM 428.1 Ed98 Edwards, Wallace Monkey Business
IM 428.1 G996c Gwynne, Fred Chocolate Moose for Dinner
IM 428.1 G996k Gwynne, Fred King Who Rained
IM 428.1 G996L Gwynne, Fred Little Pigeon Toad
IM 428.1 L517 Leedy, Loreen There’s a Frog in My Throat
IM 428.1 M268a Maestro, Betsy All Aboard Overnight
IM 428.1 M268w Meastro, Giulio What’s a Frank Frank
IM 428.1 Sa39a Salzmann, Mary Apostrophe
IM 428.1 Sa39t Salzmann, Mary They’re There in Their Boat
IM 428.1 Sa39y Salzmann, Mary You’re on Your Phone
IM 428.1 T27 Terban, Marvin In a Pickle
IM 428.1 T27d Terban, Marvin Dove Dove, The
IM 428.1 T27e Terban, Marvin Eight Ate
IM 428.1 T27m Terban, Marvin Mad as a Wet Hen
IM 428.1 T27t Terban, Marvin Too Hot to Hoot
IM 428.1 W178aWalton, RickAround the House the Fox Chased the Mouse
IM 428.1 W178sWalton, RickSuddenly Alligator
IM 428.1 W888Woop StudiosZeal of Zebras
IM 428.1 Z62 Ziefert, Harriet Baby Buggy, Buggy Baby
IM 428.2B836 Bruno, Elsa Knight Punctuation Celebration
IM 428.2 C58 Cleary, Brian P. Under, Over, by the Clover
IM 428.2 C58d Cleary, Brian P. Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely
IM 428.2 C58h Cleary, Brian P. Hairy, Scary, Ordinary
IM 428.2 C58iCleary, Brian P.I and You and Don't Forget Who
IM 428.2 C58m Cleary, Brian P. Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink
IM 428.2 C58t Cleary, Brian P. To Root, to Toot, to Parachute
IM 428.2 H367b Heller, Ruth Behind the Mask
IM 428.2 H367m Heller, Ruth Mine, All Mine
IM 428.2 L825c
Loewen, Nancy
If You Were a Conjunction
IM 428.2 L825pLoewen, NancyIf You Were a Pronoun
IM 428.2 Sa39c Salzmann, Mary Comma
IM 428.2 T27 Terban, Marvin Your Foot’s on My Feet!
IM 428.2 T27p Terban, Marvin Punctuation Power
IM 428.2 T775eTruss, Lynne
Eats, Shoots & Leaves
IM 428.2 T775gTruss, LynneGirl's Like Spaghetti
IM 428.2 T775tTruss, LynneTwenty-Odd Ducks
IM 590 B455Berkes, MarianneAnimalogy
IM 808 C58Cleary, Brian P.Skin Like Milk, Hair of Silk
IM 808.042 T27 Terban, Marvin It Figures
IM JL Ar65e Arnold, Tedd Even More Parts
IM JL Ar65m Arnold, Tedd More Parts
IM JL B2756 Barretta, Gene Zoola Palooza
IM JL B711a Boynton, Sandra A Is for Angry
IM JL B776b Brisson, Pat Beach Is to Fun
IM JL C23g Carr, Jan Greedy Apostrophe
IM JL H335 Hayward, Linda It Takes Three
IM JL L517c Leedy, Loreen Crazy Like a Fox
IM JL L617 Lichtenheld, Tom E-mergency!
IM JL M124h McCall, Frances Huge Hog Is a Big Pig
IM JL P968 Pulver, Robin Punctuation Takes a Vacation
IM JL P968h Pulver, Robin Happy Endings
IM JL P968s Pulver, Robin Silent Letters Loud and Clear
IM JLW85q Wood, Audrey Quick as a Cricket
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