Death and Dying

Call Number Author Title
WRW 9-12 Ag32 Agee, James Death in the Family
WRW 4-8 B326 Bauer, Marion Dane On My Honor
IM JL B814b Brown, Margaret Wise Dead Bird, The
IM JL C234a Carrick, Carol Accident, The
IM/AL 810.8 C24 Cart, Michael, ed. 911, the Book of Help
WRW 4-8 C582 Cleaver, Vera Belle Pruitt
WRW K-3 C613e Clifton, Lucille Everett Anderson's Goodbye
IM B Sa78c Coerr, Eleanor Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
IM JL C6615 Cohn, Janice I Had a Friend Named Peter
IM JL C837 Coutant, Helen First Snow
IM 813 D137 Dahl, Borghild Under This Roof
IM JL D44u De Paola, Tomie Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs
WRW 4-8 D357f DeClements, Barthe Fourth Grade Wizards
IM JL F832s Fox, Mem Sophie
IM JL F832t Fox, Mem Tough Boris
IM/AL 155.937 F947 Fry, Virginia Lynn Part of Me Died, Too
IM/AL 920 G958 Gunther, John Death Be Not Proud
IM 813 H428 Hermes, Patricia Nobody’s Fault?
IM 236.1 H716 Holford, Karen I Miss Grandpa
IM JL H766 Hoopes, Lyn Littlefield Nana
WRW K-3 H777bL Hopkinson, Deborah Bluebird Summer
IM/AL 813 L547 L’Engle, Madeleine Ring of Endless Light
WRW 4-8 L724h Little, Jean Home from Far
IM 813 L953s Lowry, Lois Summer to Die
WRW 4-8 L955au Lowry, Lois Autumn Street
IM JLL972 Lunde, Stein Erik My Father's Arms Are a Boat
IM JL M266 Madler, Trudy Why Did Grandma Die?
WRW 4-8 M457 Mazer, Harry When the Phone Rang
IM 813 M595a Miles, Miska Annie and the Old One
IM/AL 813 On2 Oneal, Zibby Formal Feeling
IM JL Ob62 O'Brien, Anne Sibley Path of Stars
IM 813 P273 Paterson, Katherine Bridge to Terabithia
WRW 4-8 P3361 Peck, Richard E. Something for Joey
WRW 4-8 P336d Peck, Robert Newton Day No Pigs Would Die
IM 813 P7585 Polikoff, Barbara Garland Life’s a Funny Proposition, Horatio
IM JL R722b Rosen, Michael J. Bonesy and Isabel
IM 813 Sm54 Smith, Doris Taste of Blackberries
IM JL St34a Stein, Sara Bonnett About Dying
WRW K-3 T235s Tejima Swan Sky
WRW 9-12 T278 Terris, Susan Nell’s Quilt
WRW K-3 T425t Thurman, Chuck Time for Remembering, A
IM JL V814t Viorst, Judith Tenth Good Thing About Barney, The
IM 362.1 W831 Wolf, Bernard HIV Positive
IM 813 Z19syZaugg, SandySecret of the Yellow Van
IM JL Z75m Zolotow, Charlotte My Grandson Lew



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