Brazil  -  includes link to an online sticker album  -  includes pictures of the various stadiums – Brazilian Portuguese for beginners  – Brazilian children’s songs – bilingual –National Anthem

Children’s literature (Brazil, Soccer, Rainforest)

IM 394.26 AL71 Aloian, Molly Cultural Traditions in Brazil   (Holidays)
IM 574.5 AL23 Aldis, Rodney Rainforests
IM 574.5 C838 Cowcher, Helen Rain Forest
IM 574.5 G828 Greenway, Theresa Jungle
IM 574.5 L584 Lewington, Anna Antonio’s Rain Forest
IM 574.5 M612 Miller, Christina G. Jungle Rescue
IM 574.5 M982 Mutel, Cornelia Our Endangered Planet, Tropical Rain Forests
IM 574.5 Sa89 Sauvain, Philip Rain Forests
IM 574.5 Si39 t Silver, Donal M. Tropical Rain Forest
IM 574.5 Si99 Siy, Alexandra Brazilian Rain Forest
IM 574.5 T212 Taylor, Barbara Rain Forest
IM 574.5Y78 w Yolen, Jane Welcome to the Green House
IM 591.7 B455 Berkes, Marianne Over in the Jungle
IM 591.7 N397 Newman, Susan B. Swing Sloth
IM 595.P272 Patent , Dorothy Hinshaw Fabulous Fluttering Tropical Butterflies
IM 597.8 C839 Cowley, Joy Red-Eyed Tree Frog
IM 597.8 P272 Patent , Dorothy Hinshaw Flashy Fantastic Rain Forest Frogs
IM 599.3 P347 Peet, Bill Capyboppy
IM 641.5 P242 Parnell, Helga Cooking the South American Way
IM 796.334   The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Kids’ Handbook
IM 796.334 C547 Clark, Brooks Kids’ Book of Soccer
IM 796.334 C868 Crisfield, Deborah W. Everything Kids’ Soccer Book
IM 796.334 F186 Falk, Laine Let’s Talk Soccer
IM 796.334 G352 Gibbons, Gail My Soccer Book
IM 796.334 H449 Herzog, Brad K Is for Kick, a Soccer Alphabet
IM 796.334 H783 Hornby, Hugh Eyewitness, Soccer (w/CD of clip art)
IM 796.334 L977 Lutgendorf, Philip Goalkick  (also cassette CA-90)
IM 796.334 M956 Murphy, Patricia J. Let’s Play Soccer
IM 796.334 R33 Ross, Dev We Both Read, Soccer!
IM 796.334 Z74 m Zohn Ethan Soccer World, Mexico
IM 796.334 Z74 s Zohn Ethan Soccer World, South Africa
IM 796.334 Z74 sp Zohn, Ethan Soccer World, Spain
IM 981 C157 Campos, Maria B Is for Brazil
IM 981 D357 Deckker, Zilah Brazil (NG Countries of the World)
IM 981 F761 Forest, Christopher Brazil [Countries of the World]
IM 981 H273 Haskins, Jim Count Your Way Through Brazil
IM 981 H364 Heinrichs, Ann Brazil (Enchantment of the World)
IM 981 K126 Kalman, Bobbie Spotlight on Brazil
IM B L968c Carpenter, Alex Defending the Line, the David Luiz Story
IM B N17 b Brown, Monica Pelé, Kingof Soccer  (Bilingual)
IM B N17 c Cline-Ransome, Lesa Young Pelé, Soccer’s First Star
IM JL C192 sL Carle, Eric Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth
IM JL C424 Cherry, Lynne Great Kapok Tree
IM/TB 372.4 Et11 gh Owen, Claire It’s a Goal!          [WorldScapes: Brazil]
IM/TB 372.4 Et11 go Atkinson, Mary Deep in the Jungle    [WorldScapes: Brazil]
WRW 4-8 C279 r Castner, James L. Rainforest Researchers
Kindle Alexander, Caitlind Armadillos
Kindle Wolff, Becky Armadillos
Kindle Annett, Leanne Sloths
Kindle Olivadoti, Melissa Sloth Book
Kindle Barker, Harry S Is for Soccer
Kindle Brooks, Matt World Cup for Kids
Kindle Brown, Andrew World Cup, a Kid's Book
Kindle Harper, Matthew FIFA World Cup
Kindle Riley, Kevin World Cup for Children
Kindle Walker, Brian Best soccer Players in History

Older titles and mission stories are not included.



IM RM 310 EA-81 Sloth (poster) Reverse: Green tree frogs
IM RM 310 EA-103 Ocelot (poster) Reverse: Map of South American (1991)
IM RM 308 Big Kit Brazil (artifacts from the early 1960s)
IM Map .8 Maps South America (1942, 1958, 1960)
Puppet   Sloth Baby
Puppet   Scarlet Macaw
Puppet   Tarantula
Puppet   Cobra
Puppet   Rattlesnake
Puppet   Hyacinth Macaw
Puppet   Bat
Game Brazilian Animals




South American Math Oasis 2001 JF:59-60
Soccer Practice (Math & Lang.) Good Apple 1995 ND:14-15
Rain forest Mailbox Int. 1994 JJ:4-13
Rain forest Mailbox Pri. 1995 AM:26-35
Rain forest Good Apple 1992 Sep:15-16
Rain forest Good Apple 1999 JF:43-48
South America Mailbox Int. 2003 FM:42-46
Tropical rain forest NAD unit  
Tropical rain forest Mailbox Int. 1995 AM:26-35
Tropical rain forest Think & Discover 2006 JF:33-38
Tropical rain forest Oasis 2002 MA:3-7
Rain forest Oasis 1996 MA:50-59
Rain forest Oasis 1995 MA:53-54  
Rain forest Think & Discover 2006 MSu:46-50
Rain forest Oasis 1995 SO:11-18
Rain forest    
Amazon Adventure Ranger Rick 1994 Oct: 32-39
Anteaters Ranger Rick 2003 Dec:22-27
Ants, Leafcutters Ranger Rick 2012 June/July:18-22
Ants, Leafcutters Ranger Rick 1991 Aug:40-46
Armadillos Ranger Rick 1989 June:37-39
Armadillos Ranger Rick 2000 Nov:13-17
Armadillos Ranger Rick 2002 Oct:18-20
Armadillos Ranger Rick 2004 Dec:16-17
Brazil nut trees Ranger Rick 2000 Mar:26-27
Capybara Ranger Rick 1999 Sep:22-29
Capybara Ranger Rick 2008 Dec:22-27
Crocodiles Ranger Rick 1990 July:4-10
Crocodiles Ranger Rick 1995 Aug:4-9
Crocodiles Ranger Rick 2004 Nov:16-17
Crocodiles Ranger Rick 2007 Mar:16-21
Frogs, Poison dart Ranger Rick 1992 July:4-9
Frogs, Poison frogs Ranger Rick 2007 Jan:22-27
Frogs, red-eyed treefrogs Ranger Rick 2005 Dec:22-27
Jaguars Ranger Rick 2004 Oct:21-27
Monkeys, Golden Lion Tamarins Ranger Rick 1997 Oct:34-38
Parrots Ranger Rick 1992 Feb:18-27
Parrots Ranger Rick 2006 Aug:12-16
Parrots, Hyacinth Macaw Ranger Rick 2008 Jan:19-25
Parrots, Macaws Ranger Rick 2003 Feb:2-8
Rain forests Ranger Rick 2013 Mar:24-29
Rainforest Ranger Rick 1992 Apr:46-53
Rainforest animals Ranger Rick 2011 Aug:20-25
Rainforest bromeliad pools Ranger Rick 1995 Dec:30-37
Rainforests Ranger Rick 1993 Apr:16-23
Sloths Ranger Rick 2012 Feb:6-12
Tarantulas Ranger Rick 1991 Oct:16-23
Tarantulas Ranger Rick 1998 Mar:38-39
Tarantulas Ranger Rick 2001 Feb:19-24
Toucans Ranger Rick 1999 Oct:4-9
Toucans Ranger Rick 2009 Dec/Jan 2010:34-39
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