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Jan - Mar 2014 - Discipleship

Date: January - March 2014 | Host: Jon Dybdahl
1 04 Jan Disciples and Scripture Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
2 11 Jan Discipling Through Metaphor Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
3 18 Jan Discipleship and Prayer Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
4 25 Jan Discipling Children Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
5 01 Feb Discipling the Sick Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
6 08 Feb Discipling the “Ordinary” Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
7 15 Feb Jesus and the Social Outcasts Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
8 22 Feb With the Rich and Famous Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
9 01 Mar Discipling the Powerful Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
10 08 Mar Discipling the Nations Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
11 15 Mar Discipling Spiritual Leaders Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
12 22 Mar The Harvest and the Harvesters Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis
13 29 Mar The Cost of Discipleship Paul Dybdahl and Dan Solis

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Guests for this series of GOOD WORD broadcasts are Dan Solis, Associate Pastor of the Village Church in College Place, WA and official Adult Sabbath School Lesson Author and Paul Dybdahl, Professor of Mission and New Testament at WWU. Host and Study Guide author is Dr. Jon Dybdahl, Professor Emeritus of the WWU School of Theology.

General Introduction

Our lessons for the next 13 weeks are entitled Discipleship. The lesson author defines discipleship as the process by which we become followers of Jesus and, as such, better able to disciple others. He expands on that definition later to say this includes a passionate desire to follow Jesus and as a supernatural result, a passionate desire to lead others to Christ as well. This definition should be remembered as we study this series of lessons.

For each of the 13 lessons we will follow a format of 4 steps. First there will be a short introduction. Second we will look at some words that need defining to understand the lesson. Third we will consider 2-4 Bible texts that are the core of each lesson. Fourth we will look to some personal application of the lesson topic. A Bible dictionary or concordance should be used to find the meaning of the key words. The Bible texts should be carefully read and reread before attempting to apply the lesson to our own life. Note that in all the lessons the reader is encouraged to study and seek their own answers.

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