Festival of One Acts
March 1, 2, 6, 8, and 9, 2003

The Role of Della
by John Wooten

directed by: Joy Ishkanian

Emily Cutting as Elizabeth
Melody Schwarz as Emma

The Ugly Duckling
by A. A. Milne

directed by: Erik Johnson

Fitch Venckeleer as King
Heidi Shaepper as Queen
Jackie Mathis as Princess
Ben Reese as Prince
David McNeill as Chancellor
Kristin Hansen as Dulcubella
Boris Brajnikoff as Carlo

The Ugly Duckling was also performed at Walla Walla Valley Academy for prospective students during College Days on April 7 and in Village Hall on April 15 for a meeting of the Association of Adventist Radio Broadcasters.

The Still Alarm
by George S. Kaufman

directed by: David Crawford

Bob Renck as Bob
Richard Wallace as Ed
Erica Sharp as Bellboy
Adam Farnsworth as Fireman
Michelle Carrick as Firewoman

The Boor
by Anton Chekov

directed by: Mari Ferguson

Andrea Wolffing as Helena Ivanovna Popov
Bryan Cafferky as Grigori Stepanovitch Smirnov
Andrew Cockerham as Luka

by William Borden

directed by: Jaime Bennett

Breanna Hartnell as Denise
Bradley Nelson as Jerry

Visitor from Forest Hills
by Neil Simon

directed by: Nicole Ferguson

Malora Christensen as Norma Hubley
R.J. Henneberg as Roy Hubley
 Robbie Wheeling as Borden Eisler
Andra Aaby as Mimsey Hubley

Visitor From Forest Hills was also performed in Village Hall for a meeting of the Association of Adventist Radio Broadcasters on April 15.

The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet
by Tom Stoppard

directed by: Nick Lambert

Adam Lombard as Hamlet
Kevin Schultz as Laertes/Horatio
Rudy Scott as Claudius/Polonius
Tyler Webster as Francisco/Osric/Fortinbras/Gravedigger/Ghost/Horatio
Becca Flaiz as Ophelia
Lindsey Bauer as Gertrude

The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet was also performed in Village Hall for College Days on April 7.
Production Staff
Executive Producer Marilynn Loveless
Producer Adam Lombard
Technical Director Peter Hollister
Lighting Design Nicole Ferguson
Publicity Bradley Nelson
Poster/ticket/playbill design Kristin Hansen
Piano Players: Elizabeth Tailleur
Joel Dickerson
Stage Manager Melissa King
Videographer Tristan Stone
House Manager Heather Sandvik
Costumes: Mrs. June Smith
Patricia Wilson
Diana Wheeler
Shawna Malvini
Make-up Katee Hickerson
Properties Kristi Spurgeon
Stage Crew: Cherie Rutan
Stephanie Smith
Heidi Gruzensky
Set Construction: Dave Silva
Ashley Silva
Adam Lombard
Nick Lambert
Nicole Ferguson
Cherie Rutan
Stephanie Smith
Peter Hollister
Heidi Gruzensky
Petra Hernandez
Melissa King
Box Office Petra Hernandez

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