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     Washington State for training in Vocational Rehabilitation

Equal Opportunity Commitment
Walla Walla College maintains a policy of equal educational opportunity for all applicants without regard to sex, race, color, national and/or ethnic origin, age, or physical handicaps, and in administration of its educational and admissions policies, financial affairs, employment programs, student life and services, or any other college-administered programs.
Information contained in this publication is hereby certified as true and correct in content and policy as of the date of publication, in compliance with the Veterans Administration DVB Circular 20-76-84 and Public Law 94-502.
MAY 2002
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A community of faith and discovery committed to      • Excellence in thought
     • Generosity in service
     • Beauty in expression
     • Faith in God

Walla Walla College is founded on Christian teachings and values as understood and appreciated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Central to these teachings is the belief that every person is created in the image of God as a being of inestimable value and worth, imbued with powers of intelligence, stewardship, and creativity akin to those of the Creator. Walla Walla College, therefore seeks in its mission to foster the unique gifts of every individual within this Christian community of faith and discovery. Committed to excellence in thought, the College seeks to impart a broad knowledge of the arts, sciences, and professions by careful instruction and open inquiry at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Recognizing that God is the source of all truth, goodness, and beauty, the College seeks to convey to students a wisdom that translates academic achievement into responsible citizenship, generous service, a deep respect for the beauty in God’s creation, and the promise of re-creation through Jesus Christ.
Walla Walla College is located in the city of College Place, in the historic, fertile Walla Walla Valley of southeastern Washington. The Old Oregon Trail, passing west of the campus, leads directly to the nearby Whitman Mission National Historic Site. The scenic Blue Mountains to the east and the Snake and Columbia Rivers to the north and west offer opportunities for recreation and relaxation.
The College, in successful operation since December 7, 1892, was established in harmony with a resolution unanimously adopted at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists held in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1891.
The college provides assistance through Disability Support Services, to encourage the attendance and academic success of students who may have a disability. The campus and a number of buildings have been modified to provide easy wheelchair access.
PORTLAND SCHOOL OF NURSING. Walla Walla College provides academic and residence hall facilities in Portland, Oregon for sophomore and upper-division nursing students. Classrooms, library, skills laboratory and faculty offices are housed in the academic building. The residence hall provides living accommodations for 134 students.
MARINE STATION. Walla Walla College maintains a biological research facility at Rosario Beach, adjoining Deception Pass State Park, Anacortes, Washington. This facility occupies 40 acres of beach and timberland, and includes five laboratory buildings, a kitchen and assembly hall, shop and 29 cabins for student and staff housing.


Founding a college is a tremendous undertaking. It can be especially intimidating in the dead of winter, with snow on the ground and quilts for heat. Such was the case in 1892, when Walla Walla College began on a frozen prairie a few miles west of Walla Walla, Washington. One building, five teachers, 101 students of all grades. If you like pioneer stories, we’ve got one for you. Sally Sutherland, wife of the first president, describes the scene:
“We began school without locks on the doors, with the kitchen unfinished, and without heat in the building. I kept the tuition (money) under my pillow with my bed in front of the door … The first breakfast was cooked on a borrowed stove, with the pipe leading out the kitchen window, and was served to eighty hungry students in a cold dining room … Thus, by the light of kerosene lamps and amid the sound of hammers on the unfinished building, those pioneer students studied, played, laughed and worked through their college days …”
The old Administration Building still stands. In those days, it contained classrooms, offices, dormitories and cafeteria. Walla Walla College has come a long way since then.
The first few years were a struggle for survival. The college finally granted a full four-year degree in 1909. The next decade saw the founding of the Associated Students of Walla Walla College, and of the Alumni Association, and expansion of the academic program.
At the conclusion of World War II, WWC began a twenty-year period of expansion both academically and physically. Programs such as engineering were started during this period. The biology department added the Rosario Beach Marine Station in 1958. A large scale building program culminated in the 1960s with the addition of several modern buildings, including the new College Church, Kretschmar Hall, the Fine Arts Center, and the Life Sciences Complex.
In the 1970s, WWC completed the Health Sciences Complex and added a new campus for the School of Nursing in Portland, Oregon. The college remained forward-looking in the early 1980s with a new Alumni Center and plans for a major endowment drive to carry WWC into the 21st century.
Today, Walla Walla College has locks on the doors, heat in the buildings, a cafeteria and a business office to replace Sally Sutherland’s pillow. Some things haven’t changed, though. The faculty and students still study, work, play, and pray together. Alumni are loyal to their school and support it generously. And the pioneer dedication to religion and Christian education that has strengthened Walla Walla College for over 100 years is very much alive today.