2002-03 Bulletin
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The General Studies Honors Program offers a group of interdisciplinary courses stressing independent research, writing, and discussion.
This program is a separate track of general studies and not a major or a minor in itself. Honors courses have a flavor distinctly different from the regular general studies courses because they use primary source material more extensively than textbooks to enhance the development of independent thinking, they follow an interdisciplinary approach to stress the unity of knowledge, and the classes are more personalized and typically are small, and some classes are team-taught.
Students finishing the program with a 3.25 cumulative honors G.P.A. receive a six hour tuition grant and, at graduation, are designated as "General Studies Honors Graduates."
Admission Requirements. The Admissions Committee considers high school grade-point average (generally 3.50 or higher), ACT test scores or equivalent, an essay submitted by the student as part of his application, and on occasion, personal interviews with applicants and recommendations from teachers. Students already enrolled in college may also apply to the program. The Honors Committee will review all applications and supporting data and notify those students who are accepted.
Students not currently in the Honors Program may petition the General Studies Honors Committee to enter a specific honors class. Petitions must be submitted to the Honors Committee chair prior to the close of registration. Class size permitting, students may be admitted on the basis of grade-point average, ACT scores, and writing skills.
Program Requirements. The following requirements must be met to complete the honors program: a cumulative grade-point average of 3.25 or better in honors courses (students who drop below 3.25 in honors courses for two consecutive quarters will be dropped from the program), and completion of at least 35 quarter hours of honors courses (listed below) including Western Thought (HONR 131, 132, 133), Research College Writing (HONR 243), Science and the Arts (HONR 310 plus either 311 or 312), and Seminar (HONR 496, 497, 498). Students who complete three quarters of Latin (LATN 211, 212, 213) will receive four hours credit toward fulfillment of honors requirements. Students must also take either MATH 123 or MATH 181 as a program requirement.