2002-03 Bulletin
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MAJOR IN ENGLISH (Bachelor of Arts)

A student majoring in English must complete 58 quarter hours in the major, the required cognates, the general studies program, and all baccalaureate degree requirements as outlined in this bulletin. Senior students are required to take the Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT): Literature in English. Students planning to attend graduate school are advised to take the Graduate Record Examination, general and subject (English) sections.
Core Requirements for Major:
ENGL210, 211, 212Survey of English and American Literature 12
ENGL234Literary Analysis 4
English Literature before 1800 selected from:7

ENGL 344Medieval Literature 4
ENGL 345Renaissance Literature 4
ENGL 346Restoration & Neoclassic 4
ENGL 444Major Author (before 1800) 3
ENGL 445Shakespeare 3
ENGL 470Literary and Critical Theory 4
ENGL 484 or 485Language 3
ENGL 495Colloquium (4 quarters) 0

Option I: Standard English Major
ENGL 324-336Writing 3
ENGL 496, 497Seminar 3
Electives 22

Option II: English Major with Writing Concentration
ENGL 384Advanced English Grammars 3
  (Also fulfilled with 12 hours of Latin or Greek) 
ENGL 385Stylistics3
ENGL 389Writing Theory
ENGL 324-336Writing  6
ENGL 424-436Directed Writing 2
ENGL 498-499Writing Seminar 3
Electives 11

Electives must be chosen in consultation with and approved by the academic adviser assigned by the department chair.

HIST274, 275History of England8
HONR131, 132, 133Western Thought
SPCH211Oral Interpretation4


Teacher Certification:

Students wishing teacher certification must take the following courses and fulfill certification requirements as listed by the School of Education and Psychology.
ENGL384Advanced English Grammars 3
ENGL374Literature for Children3
ENGL375Literature for Young Adults
ENGL389Writing Theory 3
ENGL395Methods of Teaching High School English 3



During the winter quarter of the junior year, students may apply for admission to the writing concentration by submitting a portfolio of their work to the chair of the English Department. The portfolio should contain independent writing as well as selected work previously done for academic credit.
Portfolio and Oral Presentation: As the culminating experience in the writing concentration, students will take the writing seminar, in which they are guided in the preparation of their senior portfolio, a collection of fiction, poetry and/or essays. A bound copy of the senior portfolio remains with the English Department. Students will give a public reading during the last quarter.
ENGL384Advanced English Grammars 3
(Also fulfilled with 12 hours Latin or Greek) 
ENGL389Writing Theory
ENGL324-336Writing 6
ENGL424-436Directed Writing 2
ENGL498-499Writing Seminar 2, 1
(Fulfills the requirement for the major) 
Electives 11



ENGL210, 211, 212Survey of English and American Literature 12
ENGL234Literary Analysis 4
ENGL344 to 368English or American Literature 4
Electives (6 must be upper division; 10
3 may be ENGL 374 or 375) 

Approval of English adviser required.