2002-03 Bulletin
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Scott Ligman, Chair; David Cowles, Joe Galusha, David Lindsey, Jim Nestler, Joan Redd.

The objectives of the department are to develop an understanding of the principles of biology that will better acquaint students with the world in which they live; to create an atmosphere conducive to individual investigation; to prepare department majors for graduate and professional education, teaching, and certain careers in the biological sciences.
The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology, and jointly with the department of chemistry, engineering and physics, a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in biochemistry, bioengineering, and biophysics respectively. A minor in biology is also available. Students have exceptional opportunities for study in the biological sciences during the summer at the Marine Station at Rosario Beach, adjoining Deception Pass State Park, Anacortes, Washington. For further information, including a brochure, contact the department, or rosario@wwc.edu.
For a description of the graduate program leading to the Master of Science degree in biology, see the Graduate Bulletin.

The department offers these degrees and majors.

* MAJOR IN BIOLOGY (Bachelor of Science)
* MAJOR IN BIOCHEMISTRY (Bachelor of Science)
* MAJOR IN BIOENGINEERING (Bachelor of Science)
* MAJOR IN BIOPHYSICS (Bachelor of Science)