A student majoring in environmental science must complete 63 quarter credits in the core, 45 to 46 credits in the cognates and 35 to 42 approved credits in an elective emphasis and emphasis cognates, the general studies program and all baccalaureate degree requirements outlined in this bulletin. Course listings are available for preapproved elective emphases in:
  • The Air Environment
  • Biology/Ecology
  • Chemistry
  • Human Environmental Science
  • Light and Radiation
  • The Water Environment
  • Wildlife/Ecology

Alternative elective emphasis proposals should be worked out with an assigned adviser and receive approval of the Environmental Studies Committee.

Core Requirements:

BIOL 101,102,103General Biology 12
CHEM 141,142,143General Chemistry 9
CHEM 144,145,146General Chemistry Laboratory 3
ENVI 151Environmental Principles 4
ENVI 385Environmental Stewardship 4
ENVI 386Environmental Management 4
ENVI 479Environmental Research/Project 2, 2
ENVI 495Colloquium (4 quarters required) 0
ENVI497,498Environmental Seminar 1, 2
ECON 212Principles of Microeconomics 4
PHYS 211,212,213General Physics9
PHYS251,252,253**Principles of Physics
PHYS 214,215,216General Physics Laboratory3
PHYS254,255,256**Principles of Physics Laboratory
PLSC224American Government 4

Elective Emphasis and Emphasis Cognates: 35-42


MATH 181,281 *Analytical Geometry and Calculus I, II8
MATH123Survey of Calculus
PHIL206Introduction to Logic
MATH289Linear Algebra 3
BIOL 250Biostatistics4
MATH 315Probability and Statistics
CPTR141Introduction to Programming 4
SPCH 101Fundamentals of Speech Communication 4
HIST 121,122History of Western Civilization8
HONR131,132,133Western Thought
SOCI 204General Sociology4
PSYC 130General Psychology
ENGL 316Literature of The American West4
ENGL317Pacific Northwest Writers
RELT 246Christian Ethics I
RELT 247Christian Ethics II
ART251Introduction to Art3-4
RELT418Aesthetics and Spirituality

*Math 181, 281, 282,283, Calculus I, II, III and IV are required for some elective emphases and recommended for all.

**Principles of Physics is required in some elective emphases.


A student minoring in environmental studies must complete 30 quarter credits:
General Biology, Chemistry or Physics 3rd quarter (non-CLEP) 4
ECON212Microeconomics 4
ENVI 151Environmental Principles 4
ENVI 385Environmental Stewardship 4
ENVI 386Environmental Management 4
ENVI 495Colloquium (two quarters required) 0, 0
ENVI 496,497Environmental Seminar 1, 1
MATH 181Analytic Geometry and Calculus I4
MATH123Survey of Calculus
CPTR141Introduction to Programming
PLSC 224American Government 4