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MAJOR IN NURSING (Bachelor of Science)

A student majoring in nursing must complete 83 quarter hours in nursing courses, the required cognates, the general studies program, and all baccalaureate degree requirements as outlined in this bulletin. In compliance with the regulations of the state, the School of Nursing reserves the right to revise, add or withdraw courses as necessary to ensure a quality nursing program.
Major Requirements: A minimum grade-point average of 2.50 is required. No grade lower than C will apply.
NRSG210Introduction to Nursing 3
NRSG211Fundamentals of Nursing 4
NRSG212Health Assessment and the Nursing Process 4
NRSG213Pharmacology in Nursing 4
NRSG321Nursing of the Acutely Ill Adult 8
NRSG325Research in Nursing 3
NRSG331Mental Health Nursing 8
NRSG344Nursing of the Family 8
NRSG354Pathophysiology I 4
NRSG355Pathophysiology II 4
NRSG421Nursing of the Chronically Ill 8
NRSG425Gerontology in Nursing 2
NRSG431Nursing Management 4
NRSG433Topics in Nursing 2
NRSG433Topics in Nursing2
NRSG490Nursing Practicum
NRSG494Cooperative Education
NRSG435Critical Care Nursing 4
NRSG441Community Health Nursing 8
NRSG445Issues and Trends in Nursing 3

Cognates: No grade lower than a C- will apply.
ANTH225Cultural Anthropology 3
BIOL20l, 202Anatomy and Physiology 8
BIOL222Microbiology 5
CHEM101, 102, 103Introductory Chemistry 11
INFO105Personal Computing 3
  (or demonstrated proficiency) 
HLTH220Human Nutrition 4
MATH206Applied Statistics 4
PSYC130General Psychology 4
SOCI204General Sociology 4
SOCI324Human Development and the Family 4
SPCH101Fundamentals of Speech Communication 4

General Studies: See the General Studies section of this Bulletin.
Physical Education (activity courses) 2
History 8
Humanities (fine arts, literature, 12
ENGL121, 122College Writing 6
ENGL223Research Writing 3
Religion and Theology (minimum of 4 16
    quarter hours in Biblical Studies) 



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