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MAJOR IN HUMANITIES (Bachelor of Arts)

A student majoring in humanities must complete the core requirements, one concentration which must be chosen in consultation with the humanities adviser and the chair of the specific area, the general studies program including the general studies requirements below, and all baccalaureate degree requirements as outlined in this bulletin. Any course taken to satisfy core and/or concentration requirements cannot also be counted as satisfying general studies requirements, except as noted.
General Studies Requirements:
The Humanities major assumes certain general proficiences in areas that are integral elements of the General Studies program described in the college bulletin. Consequently, majors in the Humanities program will satisfy portions of their general studies requirements by taking ART 251, Introduction to Art, 4 hours; at least 8 hours from the sequence HIST 120, 121, 122, History of Western Civilization; and MUHL 124, Introduction to Music, 4 hours. Honors students, however, will satisfy the requirements of the Honors Program.
Core Requirements:
ENGL 210, 211, 212Survey of English and American Literature8
ENGL359World Literature
ENGLOne upper-division literature course 4
HIST465Renaissance and Reformation 4
HMNT496Seminar in Humanities 3
PHIL205Introduction to Philosophy 4
ANTH225Cultural Anthropology3-4
HIST454*Classical Political Thought
BIOL407Philosophy of Science4
ENVI385Environmental Stewardship
PSYC444Social Psychology3
PSYC366Theories of Personality
RELH403World Religions3-4
RELT412Philosophy of Religion
*Can also be taken as SOCI 454 or PHIL 454.

ENGL234Literary Analysis 4
ENGL358Classical Literature 4
ENGL324-338Upper-division writing 3
ENGLUpper-division literature 8

ART324, 325, 326History of World Art 9
MUHL311, 312Survey of Music History 8
SPCH363History of Dramatic Arts3-4
ENGL464Development of English Drama

CONCENTRATION: History (12 quarter hours must be upper division)
HIST221, 222History of the United States 8
HIST457Social and Intellectual History of the United States (recommended) 4
HIST454Classical Political Thought (recommended) 4
HIST466Enlightenment and Revolution (recommended) 4

CONCENTRATION: Modern Languages
FREN307French Civilization20
FREN40617th Century French Literature
FREN40718th Century French Literature
FREN40819th Century French Literature
FREN40920th Century French Literature
GRMN311, 312, 313Survey of German Literature21
GERM314German Civilization
GRMN42118th Century German Literature
GRMN42219th Century German Literature
GRMN42320th Century German Literature
SPAN324, 325, 326Survey of Spanish Literature21
SPAN330Iberian Culture and Civilization
SPAN331Spanish-American Culture and Civilization
SPAN424, 425Contemporary Spanish Literature
SPAN431, 432, 433Survey of Latin-American Literature

HIST454Classical Political Thought16
PHIL206Introduction to Logic
PHIL305Moral Philosophy
PHIL306, 307History of Philosophy
PHIL407Philosophy of Science
PHIL412Philosophy of Religion
PHIL440Problems in Philosophy

CONCENTRATION: Religious Studies
Twenty total hours are required for the concentration, ten of which may overlap with the general studies requirement in Religion. The concentration cannot include credit from the Biblical Studies (RELB) portion of the general studies offerings in Religion. Because the general studies requirement includes six hours of RELB course work, a student with a religious studies concentration will graduate with a total of at least twenty-six hours of religion. The six hours of Biblical Studies required in the general studies program, must include at least three upper division credits.
RELT404Approaches to Biblical Interpretation11-12
RELH403World Religions
RELT412Philosophy of Religion
  (One of these courses is already required
  as a humanities cognate, the other is for
  the Religious Studies concentration.)
PHIL305Moral Philosophy
RELT246Christian Ethics
RELH/RELT469Advanced Studies
RELH205Biblical Archaeology8-9
ENGL454Literature of the Bible
SOCI449Sociology of Religion
RELT418Aesthetics and Spirituality
RELH455Early Church History
HIST456Medieval and Modern Church History
HONR349Religion in a Social Context
  (for general studies honors students only)



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