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Nelle Cornelison, Director.

In selected programs, students may blend their academic study with career-related, paid, productive employment in business, industry, government, or social agencies. Co-op placements in various cities of the Northwest are arranged through the Director of Cooperative Education. Placements are either full or part-time. Duration of appointments is typically for one quarter but in many cases may be extended or repeated. Supervision and evaluation are the joint responsibility of a professor from the student's major field of study, the Coordinator of Cooperative Education, and the employment supervisor.
Participants in the Cooperative Education Program may gain valuable work experience, earn college credits and enjoy a significant financial advantage. Many of the usual costs of education cease or are reduced during the cooperative education experience, and the rates of pay often are quite attractive. Students wanting further information about placement should get in touch with the Coordinator of Cooperative Education at the Career Development Center. Further information is also available from faculty or student representatives in participating academic departments.
Program Guidelines.
The following are academic guidelines for the Cooperative Education program: (1) a minimum of 30 hours of approved activity/experience must be completed to have a Cooperative Education experience recorded on the transcript for 0 credit; (2) for each credit earned, a minimum of 30 hours of approved activity must be completed; (3) the Cooperative Education experience/credit is restricted to the major; (4) excess hours cannot be used toward general electives.


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