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MAJOR IN BIOPHYSICS (Bachelor of Science)

A student majoring in biophysics must complete a minimum of 68 quarter hours of biology and physics courses (32-37 hours in biology and 33-37 hours in physics), the required cognates, the general studies program, and all baccalaureate degree requirements as outlined in this bulletin. Graduate Record Examinations in physics and biology (both general and subject portions) are required. A summer term at the Rosario Beach Marine Station is highly recommended.
Biology Requirements:
BIOL101, 102, 103General Biology 12
BIOL351, 352, 353Research Methods I, II, III 3
BIOL392Cell Biology 4
BIOL393Genetics 4
BIOL454, 455Research Methods IV, V 2
BIOL464Animal Physiology 4
BIOL495Colloquiumi 0
Electives (in Biology) 3-8
Electives must be upper division and chosen in consultation with a biology adviser.

*Required each quarter of juniors and seniors while in residence.

Physics Requirements:
PHYS114Perspectives in Physics 1
PHYS115, 116Introduction to Experimentation 2
PHYS251, 252, 253Principles of Physics 9
PHYS254, 255, 256Principles of Physics Laboratory 3
PHYS311Modern Physics 3
PHYS313Thermodynamics 4
PHYS314Modern Physics Laboratory 1
PHYS317, 318, 319Physics Seminar I 3
PHYS417, 418, 419Physics Seminar II 3
Electives (in Physics) 4-8
Electives must be upper division and chosen in consultation with a physics adviser.

Total hours in Biology and Physics (Minimum)68

The following courses are recommended cognates for some career paths, but are not required for graduation:
CHEM431Biochemistry 4
ENGR228Circuit Analysis 4
MATH289Linear Algebra and Its Applications  3

CHEM141, 142, 143General Chemistry 9
CHEM144, 145, 146General Chemistry Laboratory 3
CHEM321, 322, 323Organic Chemistry 11
CHEM325, 326Introduction to Organic Lab 2
CPTR141Introduction to Programming (Pascal) 4
CPTR374Simulation and Modeling3-5
PHYS307Scientific Modeling
BIOL470Marine Biophysics
MATH181, 281-283Analytic Geometry and Calculus I-IV 16
MATH312Ordinary Differential Equations 4
MATH315Probability and Statistics 4


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