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MAJOR IN BIOLOGY (Bachelor of Science)

A student majoring in biology must complete 62 quarter hours in the major, the required cognates, the general studies program, and all baccalaureate degree requirements as outlined in this bulletin. Candidates for this degree who plan on graduate work in biology should counsel with the assigned academic adviser concerning the need of a foreign language. One summer term (10 credits) is required at the WWC Marine Station during which at least one upper-division, marine-oriented course must be taken. Senior students are required to take the Graduate Record Examination, general and subject (Biology) sections.
Major Requirements:
BIOL101, 102, 103General Biology 12
BIOL250Biostatistics 4
BIOL351Research Methods I 1
BIOL352, 353Research Methods II, III 2
BIOL392Cell Biology 4
BIOL393Genetics 4
BIOL394Developmental Biology 4
BIOL446General Ecology 4
BIOL454Research Methods IV 1
BIOL455Research Methods V 1
BIOL483Philosophy of Origins and Speciation 3
BIOL495*Colloquium 0
Electives 22
Electives must be chosen in consultation with and approved by the academic adviser assigned by the department chair and must include one course from the following: BIOL 360, 426, 463; and one course from the following: BIOL 374, 384, 389, 403, 462, 475; and one course from the following: BIOL 401, 413, 449, 464, 466, 468.

*Required each quarter of juniors and seniors while in residence.

CHEM141, 142, 143General Chemistry 9
CHEM144, 145, 146General Chemistry Laboratory 3
CHEM321, 322, 323Organic Chemistry 11
CHEM325, 326Introduction to Organic Laboratory 2
INFO105Personal Computing 3
CPTR141Introduction to Programming (PASCAL) 4
MATH121, 122Fundamentals of Mathematics I, II 8
MATH181Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 4
PHYS211, 212, 213General Physics 9
PHYS214, 215, 216General Physics Laboratory 3




See the Interdisciplinary section of this Bulletin.


MAJOR IN BIOPHYSICS (Bachelor of Science)

See the Interdisciplinary section of this bulletin.


A student minoring in biology must complete 27 quarter hours.
BIOL101, 102, 103General Biology12
BIOL105, 106Biology for General Studies
BIOL103General Biology
One of the following botanical courses: 3-5
  BIOL 360, 401, 413, 426, 463 
One of the following zoological courses: 3-5
  BIOL 374, 384, 389, 403, 449, 462, 
  464, 468, 475 
Electives 5-9
Approval of biology adviser required.


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