WWC Summer Bulletin 2002


This program is designed for any undergraduate student who has not taken a class at Walla Walla College prior to the summer of 2002 except as a high school or academy student. A student in this program pays only $1,695 for tuition for 5-12 hours of regular undergraduate credit. Since regular tuition for a 12-hour load is $4,788, a Summer Start student can save $3,093 on tuition--a savings of 64%.

After a student is accepted to Walla Walla College, an opportunity is given to request admission into the Summer Start program and to reserve a place in Summer Start by sending a $25 deposit. To be assured of a place in this program, students should have their reservation in by June 1. The student will be notified when accepted into Summer Start, and the deposit will be credited toward the $1,695 tuition due at registration.

Summer Start students will be expected to select some courses from a core of general studies whenever possible. If a Summer Start student takes more than 12 hours, tuition will be charged at the regular rate ($399 per credit) for those hours which are in excess of 12. Additional costs include dormitory rent ($68-71 per week); cafeteria (approximately $55-60 per week); textbooks (approximately $200); insurance ($131 or waiver); and other miscellaneous expenses. A few courses have additional fees. Summer Start students should plan to pay for their tuition when they register; other charges are due when billed. The tuition is nonrefundable.

Summer Start is open only to students on the College Place campus. Classes at the Rosario Beach Marine Station and Portland Campus School of Nursing are not eligible for Summer Start. Classes in aviation may be limited to lecture classes.

To be eligible for the Summer Start program, the student must:

  1. Meet the Walla Walla College admissions requirements and be admitted to the College as a regular student.
  2. Have earned zero college credit at Walla Walla College (except as a full-time academy or high school student).
  3. Live in the dormitory if his/her permanent address is outside the Walla Walla Valley.

While we cannot guarantee jobs, we do all we can to find work for Summer Start students. The suggested maximum working hours per week for a student are:

  • 8 hours if carrying 10-12 credit hours
  • 14 hours if carrying 7-9 credit hours
  • 20 hours if carrying 5-6 credit hours

Students interested in the Summer Start program should follow the usual application procedure for admission to Walla Walla College and indicate their interest in the Summer Start program on the application.

Summer Bonus Program

Walla Walla College offers a Summer Bonus for students who are employed by Walla Walla College or ARAMARK Food Service. Students who work a minimum of 460 hours at either of these locations during the summer of 2002 and who register for at least 12 hours of classes fall quarter 2002 may choose one of the following bonuses:
  • Refund of all dormitory room rent charged for the summer, excluding single room charges.
  • Refund of college housing rent charged for the summer, not to exceed the cost of living in the dormitory.
Employment during the summer is limited to students who are enrolled in summer classes or who plan to attend and have been accepted for fall quarter. While the College cannot guarantee jobs for the summer, it will make every effort to find jobs for all students who want to work.