WWC Summer Bulletin 2002

Financial Information


Tuition for the summer quarter is $399 per quarter hour. All students should plan to pay their tuition at the time of registration. Fees are charged as published in the 2001-02 Walla Walla College Finance Bulletin, which is available from Student Financial Services. Workshops or extended field trips may require payment of special fees.

Tuition - NPUC Conference Teachers

Teachers from within the North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists who are sponsored by their respective employing organizations may present a letter of sponsorship in lieu of tuition payment. However, teachers are expected to pay for books and supplies, graduation fees, any miscellaneous class fees, and room rental charges. Conference sponsorship does not cover classes requiring individualized instruction (aviation, music lessons, etc).

Tuition Refunds

A student withdrawing from classes during the summer quarter will receive a refund in accordance with the policy in the Finance Bulletin. A 100% refund is given if no more than 10% of the class is over, 75% if no more than 20% of the class is over, and 50% if no more than 40% of the class is over. Refund dates are listed below.

Dates of Class 100% Refund 75% Refund 50% Refund
June 17-August 9 June 20 June 26 July 9
June 17-June 28 June 17 June 18 June 20
June 17-July 5 June 17 June 19 June 24
June 17-July 12 June 18 June 20 June 26
June 17-July 19 June 18 June 21 June 28
June 17-July 26 June 19 June 24 July 2
June 19-July 31 June 21 June 26 July 5
June 10-June 14 June 10 June 11
July 8-July 23 July 8 July 9 July 12
June 17-August 23 June 21 June 28 July 15
June 20-August 9 June 25 June 28 July 10
June 24-July 5 June 24 June 25 June 27
July 1-July 12 July 1 July 2 July 5
July 1-July 19 July 1 July 3 July 9
July 8-July 26 July 9 July 10 July 15
July 8-August 2 July 9 July 11 July 17
July 15-July 19 July 15 July 16
July 15-July 26 July 15 July 16 July 18
July 15-August 9 July 16 July 18 July 24
July 22-July 26 July 22 July 23
July 24-August 8 July 24 July 25 July 30
July 22-August 23 July 24 July 26 August 2
August 5-August 9 August 5 August 6
August 12-August 16 August 12 August 13
August 19-August 22 August 19 August 20
August 30-September 15 August 30 September 3 September 5

When a student withdraws during the quarter, no refund will be made until 30 days after the close of the month in which the student withdrew. Students who leave school without completing withdrawal procedures will be charged until proper arrangements are made.

Housing (Main Campus)

  • Foreman Hall (women):
    • $71 per week double occupancy
    • $86 per week single occupancy
  • Sittner Hall (men):
    • $68 per week double occupancy
    • $83 per week single occupancy


Vegetarian meals are available at the main campus on the cafeteria plan. Students eating in the cafeteria should plan approximately $55-60 per week for food.

Music Fees

Music lessons can be taken for credit or no credit. When lessons are taken for credit, in addition to the regular tuition charge there is a lesson fee of $207 per quarter for nine half-hour lessons or $414 per quarter for nine one-hour lessons. When lessons are not taken for credit, the lesson fee is $243 per quarter for nine half-hour lessons or $477 per quarter for nine one-hour lessons. Full-time music majors and minors who have taken MUCT 121-123 are not charged the lesson fee. Summer Start students who include music lessons in their 12-hour load are charged the lesson fee unless they are music majors or minors.

Miscellaneous Class Fees

Methods of Teaching Art $10
Personal Computing (online textbook; nonrefundable) $75
Golf I (nonrefundable) $80
Golf II (nonrefundable) $140
Introduction to Wake Boarding & Waterskiing $75
Lifeguard Training $15
Invitation to Physics Lab 204 $40
Invitation to Physics Lab 205 $25
Desktop Publishing $10
Principles of Photography $75


All registered, tuition-paying graduate and undergraduate students attending the College Place, Montana, Portland, or Rosario campuses, and students in the summer work program, are covered by the Student Accident Insurance policy.

If a student has been enrolled in the mandatory student sickness and additional accident insurance during the regular 2001-02 school year, that coverage is in effect through September 1, 2002. All new undergraduate students will be enrolled in this coverage for the summer at a cost of $131 unless they submit a waiver form to Campus Health Services at registration time.

Employment (On-campus Student Work Program)

Although Walla Walla College strives to meet each student's needs, work opportunities are limited during the summer months. Students are strongly urged to make arrangements for work before arriving on campus because employment is not guaranteed. Permission to begin working is given only to students who are registered for summer quarter or who have been accepted for fall quarter. Employment opportunities are available in housekeeping, plant maintenance, The Express, library, campus offices, and academic departments.

Regulations require that all employees hired present original documents that establish both their identity and eligibility to work. All students wishing to work on the Walla Walla College campus will be required to present documents before they will be authorized to begin work. For more information, contact the Student Employment Center, (509) 527-2357 or (800) 656-2357.

Walla Walla College offers a SUMMER BONUS for students who are employed by Walla Walla College or ARAMARK Food Service. Students who work a minimum of 460 hours at either of these locations during the summer of 2002 and who register for at least 12 hours of classes fall quarter may qualify for this bonus.

Financial Aid

Students who need assistance for summer quarter may apply for financial aid. Some Walla Walla College grant dollars may be available; some students may also be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. Loans may be available, such as Federal Stafford loans and institutional loans through Walla Walla College.

Students who wish to be considered for federal grants and loans will want to mail their 2001-02 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by April 15, 2002. The FAFSA must be received by the federal processor by June 30, 2002. The federal government will not grant exceptions to this deadline. A student cannot be considered for the Federal Pell Grant, SEOG grant, Perkins Loan, Nursing Loan, or Stafford Loan if this deadline is missed. A completed Financial Aid file contains:

  1. Correct SAR (Student Aid Report). The SAR is generated by the federal processor after a FAFSA is submitted. Students who list Walla Walla College (code 003799) on their FAFSA will have their SAR electronically sent to Walla Walla College by the federal processor. Students who did not list Walla Walla College on their FAFSA will need to mail their SAR to Student Financial Services.
  2. Walla Walla College Financial Aid Application (FAA). The student should mail this directly to Student Financial Services at Walla Walla College.
  3. Proof of high school completion (final transcript or letter of verification).
  4. Additional documentation, if needed, for verification purposes.

Only financial aid that has been awarded by registration time may be deducted from the estimated costs. Students eligible for Federal or Washington State financial aid must be registered for classes by June 30. Students who register or add classes after that date cannot receive Federal or State financial aid for those classes.

Students who are on the waiting list or waiting for a letter of acceptance should complete the financial aid application. Awarding of financial aid does not constitute acceptance into Walla Walla College. However, if a student moves off the waiting list at the last moment, it is to the student's advantage to have the financial aid application already completed.