WWC Summer Bulletin 2002
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Summer Bulletin

WWC BULLETIN Vol. 110, No. 4
Summer Edition, March 2002


For Information

Walla Walla College
204 South College Avenue
College Place, WA 99324-1198
(800) 541-8900/Fax (509) 527-2253

Concerning application information, contact:
Office of Admissions and Marketing
(509) 527-2327/Fax (509) 527-2397
e-mail: info@wwc.edu

Concerning academic information, contact:
Ginger Ketting-Weller, Director of the Summer Session
Associate Vice President for Academic Administration
(509) 527-2395/Fax (509) 527-2253
e-mail: summer@wwc.edu

Concerning financial arrangements, contact:
Nancy Cleveland, Assistant Director
Student Financial Services
(509) 527-2815 or (800) 656-2815/Fax (509) 527-2556
e-mail: stufin@wwc.edu

Concerning work opportunities, contact:
Twyla Kruger, Employment Coordinator
Student Financial Services
(509) 527-2357 or (800) 656-2357
e-mail: stuemp@wwc.edu

Concerning room reservations and dormitory information, contact:
Dean of Men
Sittner Hall, (509) 527-2111

Dean of Women
Foreman/Conard Hall, (509) 527-2531

Concerning matters of Student Administration: off-campus housing,
automobile registration, Student Handbook policies, etc., contact:
June Ferguson, Vice President for Student Administration
(509) 527-2511
e-mail: boscge@wwc.edu

Concerning Rosario Beach Marine Station, contact:
James Nestler, Director of the Marine Station
Department of Biological Sciences
(509) 527-2602
e-mail: rosario@wwc.edu

Concerning School of Nursing, Portland Campus, contact:
Lucille Krull, Dean, or Jan Thurnhofer, Program Adviser
School of Nursing, Portland Campus
(503) 251-6115/Fax (503) 251-6249

Concerning School of Social Work, Montana Campuses, contact:
Nancy Peters, Missoula MSW Program Coordinator
(406) 549-4928/Fax (406) 549-5215
e-mail: petena@wwc.edu

Vicki Burford, Billings MSW Program Coordinator
(406) 860-6658
e-mail: burfvi@wwc.edu

Summer 2002 Calendar

  • Main Campus:
    • Eight-week Session: June 17-August 9

    • Four-week Session: June 17-July 12
    • Four-week Session: July 15-August 9
  • Portland Nursing Campus: June 17-August 23
  • Rosario Marine Campus: June 18-August 8

April 22 Monday Preregistration Begins
June 3 Monday NPUC Teachers Registration-by-mail Deadline
June 4 Tuesday Financial Clearance Begins
June 17 Monday Instruction Begins
June 17 Monday 5:00 p.m. Orientation (Kellogg Hall-Alaska Lobby)
June 17 Monday Portland Campus Registration
June 18 Tuesday 6:00 p.m. Marine Station Registration
June 19 Wednesday 9:00 a.m. Chapel
June 23 Sunday 9:00 a.m. ACT Test (For freshmen who haven't already taken it)
July 4 Thursday Independence Day Holiday
August 9 Friday Regular Summer Session Ends
August 23 Friday Completion Deadline for August Graduates

Spiritual Programs

Fridays (8:00 p.m. June-August) Vespers (Dale Court)
Fridays (7:30 p.m. September) Vespers (Dale Court)
Saturdays (9:30 a.m.) Sabbath School (College Church)
Saturdays (11:00 a.m.) Worship Service (College Church)
Saturdays (As announced, approx. 20 minutes before sunset) Meditations (Meets at location of Breakaway activity unless otherwise announced)

Social and Recreational Programs


Mid-week Activities

Weekend Activities

June 19 Summer School Reception June 22 Softball & Sundaes
June 26 Old-fashioned Picnic June 29 Jubilee Lake/Ice Cream
July 4 Fireworks July 6 Miniature Golf
July 9 All-star Party July 13 Almost Anything Goes
July 10 Waterskiing July 19 Aquatic Park
July 17 Old-fashioned Picnic July 20 Jubilee Lake/Ice Cream
July 24 Play: "Pajama Game" July 27-28 Camping at the River
July 31 Hawaiian Luau August 3 Outdoor Movie
August 7 Breakaway Finale

About the Cover

Summer 2002 Bulletin Cover The aging administration building at Walla Walla College has served the campus in many ways since 1892; in fact, its 109-year life is a model of recycling efficiency. As it stands in 2001, the building reflects the involvement of the college's founders, who built the building in 1892; its patrons, citizens of Walla Walla who donated money for a substantial building to enhance the entire valley; and the college administration, who remodeled the front portion of the building in 1919 after a disastrous fire. In 1892 the building housed the entire college: students, faculty, elementary and secondary day students, a cafeteria, bakery, laundry, powerhouse, classrooms, science labs, a chapel that served as a community church and administrative offices. When the roof and fourth story were destroyed by fire and water damage in 1919, the college administration widened the building by 58 feet, created a new entrance, and lowered the roof line. For over 20 years the rear wings continued to serve as dormitories, later housing student government offices, academic departments and a radio station, KGTS-FM. The space the building occupies will be transformed once again when a new, modern structure replaces the existing one, its design combining architectural features of the 1892 building and its 1919 reconstruction.

--Terrie Aamodt, Professor of English and History

Equal Opportunity Commitment

Walla Walla College maintains a policy of equal educational opportunity for all applicants without regard to gender, race, color, national and/or ethnic origin, age, physical or sensory disability while administering its educational and admissions policies, financial aid, employment programs, student life and services, or any other college-administered program.

Summer Bulletin Production

Summer Session Director Ginger Ketting-Weller, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant/Editor Beverly Scott
HTML Formatting Martin & Beverly Scott