Jere D. Patzer, Chair

Len Harms, Vice Chair

Jon L. Dybdahl, Secretary

  Tom Allen                       Russell L. Johnson

Alex Betancourt                   Norman Klam

Gary Botimer                       Don Livesay

Evelyn Connell                    John Loor  Jr.

Larry D. Dodds                    Daniel G. Matthews

Mumtaz Fargo                     Carolyn McHan

John Freedman                   Stephen L. McPherson            Wilfred A. Geschke      Charles Nagele

Russell Gilbert                     Bryce Pascoe  Carmen Graham          Sue Smith        Yoswa Gwalamubisi                            Max C. Torkelsen II

David G. Heusser                Carolyn Winchell

Alan Hurlbert                      


Jon L. Dybdahl, Ph.D., President

Ginger Ketting-Weller, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Administration

Manford R. Simcock, M.A., Vice President for Financial Administration

June P. Ferguson, M.Ed., Vice President for Student Administration

Karen J. Johnson, Ed.D., Vice President for College Advancement

Victor F. Brown, M.A., Vice President for Enrollment

Pedrito U. Maynard-Reid, Th.M., Vice President for Spiritual Life and Mission

Clinton A. Valley, Ed.D., Associate Vice President for Academic Administration

James R. Hall, M.B.A., Associate Vice President for Financial Administration

Joseph G. Galusha, D.Phil., Associate Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies



Deans of Schools

  Business, Clarence G. Anderson, Ph.D.

  Education and Psychology, Mark T. Haynal, Ed.D.

  Engineering, Robert F. Wood, Ph.D.

  Nursing, Lucille Benson Krull, Ph.D.

  Social Work and Sociology, Wilma M. Hepker, Ph.D.

  Theology, David E. Thomas, D.Min.

Chairs of Departments

  Art, Thomas J. Emmerson, M.F.A.

  Biological Sciences, Scott H. Ligman, Ph.D.

  Chemistry, Steven H. Lee, Ph.D.

  Communications, Pamela M. Harris, Ph.D.

  Computer Science, Anthony A. Aaby, Ph.D.

  English, Nancy K. Cross, M.A.

  Health and Physical Education, Gary M. Hamburgh, Ph.D.

  History and Philosophy, Montgomery S. Buell, M.A.

  Mathematics, Kenneth L. Wiggins, Ph.D.

  Modern Languages, Jean-Paul Grimaud, M. in French

  Music, Matthew H. James, D.M.A.

  Physics, Roy K. Campbell, Ph.D.

  Technology, Linda F. Nelson, Ed.D.

Directors of Graduate Programs

  Biology, Joan M. Redd, Ph.D.

  Education and Psychology, Mark T. Haynal, Ed.D.

  Social Work, Standley L. Gellineau, D.P.A.


  Director of Libraries, Carolyn S. Gaskell, M.A.

  Director of Marine Station, James R. Nestler, Ph.D.

  Director of Records, Carolyn D. Denney, B.S.

  Director of Summer Session, Clinton A. Valley, Ed.D.


  Chaplain, Lois Blackwelder, B.A.

  Consulting Physician, A. D. Selfa, M.D.

  Dean of Men, John Foote, B.S.

  Dean of Women, Bunny Reed, B.S.

  Director of Village Student Life, Padraic S. McCoy, B.A.

  Director of Counseling and Testing Services, Don Wallace, Ph.D.

  Director of Multicultural Services, Beverly R. Archer, B.S.

  Director of Campus Security, George R. Bennett

  Director of Food Service, Jennifer Fuchs

  Director of Health Services, Patrick Smart, A.R.N.P.


  Joseph G. Galusha, Associate Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies, Chair

  Clinton A. Valley, Associate Vice President for Academic Administration

  Carolyn D. Denney, Director of Records

  Scott H. Ligman, Chair, Department of Biological Sciences

  Joan M. Redd, Director, Biology Graduate Program

  Mark T. Haynal, Dean, School of Education and Psychology

  Wilma M. Hepker, Dean, School of Social Work

  Standley L. Gellineau, Director, Masters of Social Work Program

  Robert D. Egbert, Education and Psychology representative

  Clarence G. Anderson, Faculty representative

  David E. Thomas, Faculty representative