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WWC Graduate Bulletin


Financial Aid. Walla Walla College assumes that each graduate student has the primary obligation for his/her educational costs. For students unable to meet this obligation while attending Walla Walla College, financial aid is available in the form of student employment, long-term loans, grants, and scholarships. Interest rates for long-term loans are low and repayment does not begin until after a student leaves a full-time graduate program. Grants and scholarships are gifts and do not need to be repaid.


In order to receive maximum financial assistance, students should plan their finances for the entire academic school year several months prior to the first quarter of enrollment. Financial counselors are available to provide help in financial planning, applying for financial aid, and in developing plans for payment. The Federal Government now requires that the college have a copy of the baccalau­reate transcript prior to disbursements of financial aid to graduate students.


Arrangements for loans and financial aid should be made several months in advance of enrollment.


Adding or dropping a class on or before the tenth day of the quarter may affect a student=s Financial Aid package.


Payment Plans. The College is not able to finance student accounts. However, several payment plans are available and may be arranged through the Student Financial Services Office.


Federal Stafford Loan Program. Graduate students may borrow up to $18,500 per year at an annual interest rate not to exceed 8.25%. Principal repayment begins six months after the student ceases to be enrolled at least half-time.


The US Government may subsidize some of the interest while the student is in school; the student is responsible for the balance and may either make payments or have the interest added to the principal of the loan.


Students receiving a Federal Stafford Loan will need to complete a separate application form. Loan fees of about 3-4% are deducted from the loan amount before the funds are issued to WWC.


Graduate Tuition. Graduate tuition is $423 per quarter hour. Tuition includes all laboratory fees except those at the WWC Marine Station at Rosario Beach.



Books and School Supplies. Textbooks, school supplies, and other class materials are available at the College Store. Students should plan on approximately $525 for such purchases each quarter.


Student Insurance. All enrolled, tuition-paying students attending the College Place campus, Montana sites or Rosario campus are covered by WWC=s Student Accident Insurance Policy, with a maximum coverage of $2,500 per accident.  In addition WWC requires that all students be covered under the Mandatory Student Sickness and Additional Accident Insurance,  unless the student submits documentation of insurance that would cover medical expenses within a 20 mile radius of the College. (Montana, Portland and Rosario students: please contact your Campus Office for requirements.) For questions regarding coverage, claims or a brochure outlining the benefits, please contact Campus Health Services at 509/527-2425. WWC requires all international students to have the above medical insurance coverage.


Personal Property Insurance. WWC is not responsible for loss of personal property.  Students are encouraged to carry their own insurance for coverage of personal belongings.


Special Fees


Application (nonrefundable)


Audit Tuition

one-half regular tuition

Approved Change in Registration

  (Drop/Add) after the Deadline


Change in Registration (Drop/Add)

  after the 100% refund period (per change)


Field Trips

     actual cost

Graduation Fee (includes diploma and pictures)


ID Card Replacement


Late Registration


M.A. and M.S. Thesis Binding (2 copies)


Out-of-Schedule Examination (per exam)


Returned Check*


Validation Examination

  Validation Fee

     3.00/credit hour

  Examination Fee


*plus any international bank fees



Walla Walla College owns several studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments.  In addition, houses with up to four bedrooms are available for families. Rental rates are comparable with rates in the community


Off-campus housing is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Financial arrangements must be made with the Office of Student Financial Services before a student/family may move into college housing. Students may contact College Rental Properties at 509/527-2109 for more information about housing availability.




Residence Halls. The room rental charge for each student per quarter based on dual occupancy is:

Conard Hall (women)          $   701

Foreman Hall (women)             734

Sittner Hall (men)                  701

Meske Hall (men)                  701

When rooms are available, single occupancy is permitted at an extra cost of $200 per quarter.


Room Deposit and Reservations. A $150 deposit is required to reserve a residence hall room. Upon a student=s departure, a refund of up to $120 may be applied to  the student=s account. Charges for delayed departure, an uncleaned or damaged room or failure to return keys are also applied to the student=s account.  Should the student not enroll, the entire deposit is refunded.



If a student officially withdraws during the quarter, a refund, where applicable, will be made within 30 days. A student who leaves school without completing withdrawal procedures will be charged until proper arrangements have been made. The beginning of the quarter is considered to be the first day of class instruction.


Students withdrawing from classes during the quarter will qualify for the following rates

of refund:


If withdrawal is: Tuition refund will be:

  by the second Tuesday of classes*             100%

  by the third Tuesday of classes                  75%

  by the fifth Tuesday of classes                  50%

A tuition refund may affect awarded financial aid.


*Students dropping all classes during this period will be charged a processing fee of $50 or 5% of tuition, whichever is less.


For withdrawal and refund schedule for summer classes see the Summer Bulletin.

Please refer to the WWC Financial Bulletin for the Financial Aid Refund Policy.



Itemized statements are issued each month giving an account of the previous month=s expenses.  Fixed expenses --tuition, required fees, room rent -- for the quarter are charged at the beginning of each quarter. Variable expenses -- including cafeteria, bookstore, and  other charges -- are billed as they are incurred.  All enrolled students receive copies of their statements each month. Students may request that a copy be mailed to a third party, such as a parent.


Walla Walla College accepts Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards for payment of accounts.  These may be processed in person, by telephone, or by mail. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Walla Walla College and should be sent to the Accounting Office on campus.


Internet payments may be made at: http://


Payment received via Internet are processed prior to 9 AM each business day. Payments received after 9 AM are processed the next business day.


A FINANCE CHARGE will be imposed on each item of a student=s account which has not been paid by the end of the second month following the billing month. The FINANCE CHARGE is computed at a rate of one percent per month or  an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE of 12%.


The FINANCE CHARGE is computed by taking the second to the last month=s statement balance and subtracting any payments, credits, financial aid or refund received during the succeeding two months.  The remaining balance owing, if any, is multiplied by one percent to obtain the periodic finance charge.



By action of the Board of Trustees of the College, a diploma or transcript (official or unofficial) may not be released until the following criteria are met:


The student's account is paid in full.

The student has paid any short-term loan cosigned by WWC.

The student's Nursing, Perkins , or institutional loans are current.


To expedite the release of transcripts, diplomas, and other legal documents, a money order, credit card payment, or certified check should be sent to cover the balance of the student=s account. Requests for transcripts must be made in writing, signed by the student, and either faxed or mailed to the Office of Academic Records.  There is no charge for issuing transcripts.



International students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States (except Canadian students) are asked to place a $3,000 (U.S.) deposit with the College before final acceptance can be given and the I-20 form, necessary to secure the U.S. Student visa, can be sent. International students on student visas do not qualify for the majority of  loans and grants and may only accept employment on campus. Spouses and children who are not students may not accept employment under any circumstances. To determine the ability of applicants to meet educational costs, the College requires them to submit a declaration of finances before final acceptance is given. This is done through the international student adviser.  International students will be expected to use the Regular Payment Plan described in the WWC Finance Bulletin.



Because of fluctuations in the economy, the College  Board of Trustees reserves the right to adjust costs and policies throughout the school year or to supersede statements published in this bulletin.