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WWC Graduate Bulletin




Responsibilities of the Student. Each graduate student is responsible for a knowledge of all regula­tions and procedures published in this bulletin and in departmental materials. Continued progress in the program is contingent upon the adherence to the decisions of the Graduate Council and the policies and procedures as published in this bulletin. The student must assume the initiative in such matters as securing approval of a Program of Study and arranging for required tests and examinations. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary delay or interruption of graduate study.


Program Requirements. Completion of the minimum number of hours for a specific graduate program is required, including all courses listed on the Program of Study. Candidates must also satisfy departmental requirements listed in this bulletin and those provided in writing by the department or school.


Scholastic Requirements. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 is required for all courses included in the graduate program and in the program area (except deficiencies). Courses with grades of less than C are not accepted for graduate credit.


Probation and Dismissal Policy. Graduate students whose cumulative GPA for courses taken in their program area at Walla Walla College drops below 3.0 will be placed on academic probation. Notification of this status will be by letter from the Dean of Graduate Studies. Students placed on academic probation are urged to consider an adjustment in class and work load in consultation with their program advisers. Students whose cumulative GPA is below 3.0 for two consecutive quarters will be subject to dismissal by Graduate Council from their current graduate program and loss of graduate student standing.


Resident Credit. All credits earned toward a master's degree will normally be taken at Walla Walla College.  No more than 12 credits of graduate work taken at the college before official acceptance may be applied to the degree.  Courses numbered 350-399 may be included in the graduate program with approval of the Graduate Council.  No more than six quarter hours of workshop (474) courses will be included in a program.  A minimum of 33 quarter hours toward the Biology or Education programs,  and 39 hours toward the Social Work program must be taken in residence.


Transfer Credit. Some graduate level work taken at other accredited institutions but not previously applied toward a degree may be approved for transfer to the master's degree by petition to the department.  Normally, the maximum is 12 quarter hours. No courses with grades less than B qualify for transfer credit.  Extension courses may be transferred if they are acceptable as graduate credit by the accredited college or university offering them.  Neither correspondence nor continuing education credit is accepted as transfer credit. "P" or "S" grades may be transferred after specific review by the designated department, but will not be considered when computing the GPA.

Waiving Content Requirements. On occasion content required for the graduate program at Walla Walla College may have been covered in a course applied to an earlier degree.  After review by the department, the content required by the graduate program may be waived but the total hours required for the degree are not reduced. Usually a validation examination over the content area is required. Exceptions may be made in the case of second advanced degrees. There is a fee for this examination.


Time Requirement. Academic credit earned more than six calendar years prior to graduation is usually not acceptable to satisfy degree requirements.


Course Load. The maximum load per quarter for graduate students is 14 hours in social work, 12 hours in education, psychology, and biology. Petition must be made to Graduate Council to exceed these limits. For purposes of loan deferment and visa qualification, seven hours and eight hours of graduate work are considered minimum loads respectively.


Bulletin. A student's degree requirements will be based on the graduate bulletin in effect at the time of first enrollment as a graduate student.



Each candidate is responsible to take the  appropriate, required final oral/comprehensive examination(s). Success or failure of such examina­tions is determined by a faculty committee. A candidate who fails a required examination is granted only one opportunity for retake after the lapse of at least one quarter. Examinations should be scheduled and taken so that the results can be known at least two weeks before spring commencement.



Two quarters prior to program completion, a Request to Graduate must be prepared on an approved form and signed by the adviser, program director, and Director of Records. This process will verify that the candidate has:


1.          reviewed a degree audit form (MSW) or completed Program of Study (Biology, Education, Psychology),

2.          attained a cumulative GPA of 3.0,

3.          arranged to take appropriate oral/comprehensive examina­tion(s),

4.          ordered graduation regalia, and

5.          satisfied all deficiencies and arranged for all incompletes and IP=s to be completed by one month prior to graduation.




Because students are strongly encouraged to participate in commencement exercises, those wishing to graduate in absentia must petition the President of the college to do so.


Students who participate in commencement should have completed all requirements for their degree by this time. However, as Walla Walla College has only one commencement exercise each year, if all requirements have not been completed, the following criteria must be met in order for students to march:


1.    be within 12 hours (14 hours including Field Practium for MSW) of degree completion, including courses with incom­plete (I) and in progress (IP) grades,

2.    be able to complete all degree requirements by the last Friday in August of the same year,

3.    have the approval of the thesis/project committee (if M.A./M.S. student), and

4.    have a Request to Graduate on file with the Office of Academic Records.


Degrees are conferred and diplomas issued each quarter.  All coursework must be completed, transcripts received, comprehensives taken and grades received before the degree will be awarded.  Dates of degrees for the 2001-2002 school year are:


Autumn December 27, 2002

Winter March 2I, 2003

Spring June 15, 2003

Summer August 28, 2003