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WWC Graduate Bulletin


A limited number of graduate assistantships are available. They provide financial support for students during professional experiences in chosen fields of specialization or in activities that may be valuable in preparing them more fully for their future occupational roles. Duties of a graduate assistant may include participa­tion in research, instructional and guidance services, and professional activities.


Assistantships are open to graduate students with evidence of maturity and potential to benefit from the program.


Applications will be considered from graduate applicants, postgraduates, and current graduate students. Stipends are awarded for periods up to 12 months. Full or partial remission of tuition and fees for approved courses during the period of the assistantship is also available.  Recipients of assistantships in the School of Education and Psychology must be fully admitted to a Masters program.


Application forms for graduate assistantships may be obtained by writing directly to the respective departments. The deadline for receipt of application for the following year is April 15.



Prior to each graduation, graduate students with exceptional academic records are nominated by the graduate faculties for the Hollibert E. Phillips Scholastic Achievement Award. This award consists of: (1) a certificate of distinction and (2) a cash award.



Grants are need-based awards  and do not have to be repaid.


MSW Need Grants of $4,000 are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to students who show need through the financial aid application process. Grants are disbursed at the rate of $1,000 each quarter - fall, winter, spring and summer.


Child Welfare Training Grant. Contact the School of Social Work for more information on this $4,000 grant.




MSW Departmental Scholarships of $2,500 are awarded to each students who holds a bachelor=s degree from WWC and whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) was at least 3.00. One-fourth of the scholarship is disbursed each quarter -- fall, winter, spring, and summer--of a recipient=s first year in the program.


MSW Merit Scholarships are awarded in recognition of an outstanding undergraduate GPA. One-fourth of the scholarship is disbursed each quarter -- fall, winter, spring, and summer--of a recipient=s first year in the program.


Undergraduate GPA     Award

3.90-4.00     $3,000 ($750 per quarter)

3.80-3.89     $2,200 ($550 per quarter)

3.70-3.79     $1,800 ($450 per quarter)

3.50-3.69     $1,500 ($375 per quarter)


MSW Minority Scholarship. In order to increase the number of African-American, Hispanic, and registered Native American students enrolled in the MSW program, WWC offers $2,500 scholarships for members of these ethnic groups. Please contact the School of Social Work to request an application.


Students registered for less than 12 credit hours will receive prorated grants and scholarships.