We Had Church Today!

by Ellen Park and Matt Vincent
Worship Class

"... For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it." Pedrito Maynard-Reid's voice from the driver's seat rang over the rest of our stammering attempts to recall the fourth commandment in the King James. The setting sun cast its glow over the Cascades as our rental van rumbled along I-90 toward Seattle. Worship had begun. As it grew dark, story, song, prayer, and Scripture filled the van. Church Worship Ministry Class was to spend Valentine's Day weekend with two Black churches. We knew little of what God held in store.

The weekend brought classroom understanding to reality. Most of us had not experienced a Black worship service, let alone a Black cultural experience. Rolling into the parking lot of the Emerald City Community Seventh-day Adventist Church, we were welcomed with great warmth. We joined their choir practice where we received first-hand experience of the commitment involved to produce the musical excellence the church is known for. Sabbath morning our attempts to remain unobserved in the second row failed as we were all invited to stand and were introduced and warmly welcomed. The worship experience continued into the fellowship hall where the church had prepared lunch for our group.

Sunday morning dawned the climax of the weekend. We joined Mount Zion Baptist Church for the 10:00 service. A seamless worship service followed.

For Will Frei, a junior theology major, the sermon was the most powerful part of the weekend: "The experience of hearing Reverend Braxton take a biblical passage and apply the principle from the passage to current politics with a kind of prophetic voice really had a profound impact on me and made me think about what our church's role should be regarding current politics and events."

Following the benediction we were still standing in awe when Reverend Dr. Cheryl Clemson announced from the front that our class would be ushered downstairs for lunch. When senior pastor Reverend Dr. Leslie Braxton had heard our group was planning to worship with them he personally emailed Dr. Maynard-Reid and invited our class to join the leadership and pastoral team, comprised of twenty-plus men and women, for lunch and a time for Q and A. The lunch was wonderful and the fellowship sweet. The "hour" of question and answer extended to 3:30 PM. The morning worship service combined with the Spirit filled training and teaching we received around the table was life-changing. When asked about the most memorable part of the weekend, Tina Guldhammer, senior theology major, said it was the hospitality of Mount Zion Church "the interest they took in people and the interest they took in us is the really powerful part of their ministry."

To sum up the weekend's worship experience in the words of Pedrito: "We had church today. Amen"



Theology   59
Religion   18
Biblical Languages Majors   2
Freshmen   19
Sophomore   15
Junior   23
Senior   20

2003 Graduates

Theology Graduates
  Troy Ahrens
  Alin Apostol
  Ross Brown
  Leonard Ron Cummings
  Ellen Park
  Lucas Porter
Religion Graduates
  Jeremiah Craik
  Jeffrey Downs


Theology/Religion Senior Projects

By Doug Clark

Students in this year's School of Theology senior class have successfully survived their senior projects. A capstone course, Senior Project I/II occupies winter and spring quarters and requires of majors that they pull together from their academic and pre-professional experience at WWC a well conceived theoretical paper. As the outcome, however, they also have to create a significant practical component which they might well use in their careers. Among the 14 projects produced this year, the range of topics was wide, the size and complexity varied, the outcomes quite different. But they all accomplished well the objective of providing some kind of individualized, career- oriented project.

Troy Ahrens

*Troy Ahrens (Theology) -- Biblical Preaching with Freshness. Having memorized the book of Philippians for oral presentation, Troy searched for the best ways to make preaching engaging as well as biblically sound. A large return on surveys evaluating three sermons on Philippians provided helpful responses to his attempts.

Alin Apostol

*Alin Apostol (Theology) -- Orality in Scripture. Promised rewards by his father for memorizing Scripture, Alin, as a youngster, succeeded not only in adding to his net worth, but he established a habit still with him of putting portions of the Bible to memory, especially a large section of Proverbs, for this project.

Ross Brown

*Ross Brown (Theology) -- The Confidence to Serve: A Model for Managing Problems between Adventist Pastors and Their Employers. Observing the pain of pastors relieved of their responsibilities, Ross, who is planning a career in law, is attempting to imagine a commission which would provide a safe setting for conflict management within the church structure.

Janelle Cobb

*Janelle Cobb (Religion) -- How Spirituality and Religion Are Used in the Career of a Practicing Dental Healthcare Provider. Heading off to dental school in the future, Janelle is searching for ways to carry out a dental career in the context of a strong commitment to sharing her faith and making the lives of her patients more meaningful.

Jeremiah Craik

*Jeremiah Craik (Religion) -- Future Nature: A Family-based Youth Home. Building on his own rural upbringing (Alaska and Montana) and commitment to help struggling youth, Jeremiah has outlined plans for a home-based, wilderness center he hopes will contribute to the security and well being of many troubled young people.

Jeffrey Downs

*Jeffrey Downs (Religion) -- Practical Native Ministries for the Next Generation: Culturally Relative Gospel for the Siberian Yupik of Alaska. Drawing on his own experience in Alaska as a pastor's kid, Jeff is studying how to reach the population of Gambell, AK, on St. Lawrence Island, especially in the context of high alcoholism, drug use and Seasonal Affective Disorder. He dreams of establishing a Christian health center to achieve his goals.

Tim Dunston

*Tim Dunston (Religion) -- Conversion: The Process and the Music. Building on a biblical understanding of conversion, Tim wrote and sang lyrics for a series of songs on the changes in people's lives throughout the process of moving toward God and has produced a CD of the music.

Mark Janke

*Mark Janke (Religion) -- The Christian Spiritual Experience: A Secondarylevel Religion Course. Because he has seen so many of his friends leave God after high school, Mark sets up a secondary- level religion class which focuses attention on basic aspects of Christian life. It is his hope that this will keep young people in a positive faith relationship with God.

Treye McKinney

*Treye McKinney (Theology) - - Holistic Monasticism. Treye has long been intrigued by the idea of a life committed entirely to Christ, even to a monastic type of lifestyle. But he is also deeply concerned about helping the oppressed and seeks to combine these two impulses into a program for his life.

Ellen Park

*Ellen Park (Theology) -- Pursuing Pastoral Internship with a Well-ordered Heart: A Window into a Way of Life, a Hope and a Dream. Ellen has accepted an invitation to serve as a ministerial intern in a large church in California. Her project focused on the soul, on the heart of what it means to be in God's hands as a pastor and to allow her service to the church to grow from that security.

Lucas Porter

*Lucas Porter (Theology) -- YES: Youth En Service. Lucas is interested in Adventist children aged 10-13, and, on the basis of understanding where they are in terms of stages of faith and development, seeks ways to include and engage young people in the church.

Jamie Schoepflin

*Jamie Schoepflin (Religion) -- The Perfect Combination: God and Airplanes. Youth 13-15 years of age form the target audience of Jamie's plans to organize a camp at which participants will learn about aviation and God.

Jared Spano

*Jared Spano (Theology) -- FLAG Camp: Fun Learning About God. After exploring the developmental nature and needs of children six to twelve years old, Jared lays out the rationale and basic schedule and materials for establishing a daytime youth camp.

David Ward

*David Ward (Religion) -- Why Don't College Students Go to Church? Observing a trend of declining church attendance among college students, David studied this age group and created a survey which yielded a large amount of data on collegiates. Sleep deprivation seems to be the major reason college students don't get to church. Summaries of the Senior Project presentations are available on the Theology website at www.wallawalla.edu/ theology in the form of presentation outlines.

Student/Pastor Mentors

WW Eastgate
Pastor Cary Fry
  James Akers
  Dayv Loundsbury
Pasco Ephesus
  Pastor Abraham Francois
  Terrance Taylor
  Pastor Roger Johnson
  Tyrone Bryan
  Caleb Henry
WW City
  Pastor Rick Bowes
  Daniel Tonn
  Pastor Troy Fitzgerald
  Brian Hart
  Ellen Park
  Bryan Cafferky
CP Village
  Pastor Lee Venden
  Keith Wilfley

A Word On Mission

By Jody Foster
Jody Foster

My name is Jody Foster and I have had the priviledge this past year of serving in Spokane as the Youth Pastor of the South Hill Adventist Church. It has been a great experience. I've made memories and learned many things that I will never forget. It seems strange, but six months ago I really wanted to get right back to WWC. Now I have a wonderful family here in Spokane and it is my home. It will be hard to say goodbye. God has definitely been blessing in a mighty way and has given me many opportunities that I never dreamed of. My daily prayer is that God will change my heart and use me for His glory in everything I say and do because as I begin my responsibilities each week I just think of how unworthy I am for this position. I thank God everyday for what He has done in my life and pray that the time I spend serving Him will not only be a blessing to me, but to others as well. The most exciting thing that has happened to me this year has been seeing numerous young people give their hearts to Christ and decide to follow Him. What an amazing feeling to see the decisions and changes in their lives!

Student Missionaries/Taskforce

Jody Foster Spokane, WA
Fawn Halverson   Honduras
Michael Rhynus   Kosrae

Mentoring Program

By Dave Thomas

Several years ago (how many I do not know) an idea was born that has proven a real benefit to theological students and to the School of Theology. The idea was to establish a co-operative venture between the Upper Columbia Conference and the School of Theology that would give students the opportunity to become involved in a mentoring relationship in a local church setting. While the Conference provided the funding, and the School of Theology acted to bring the students and pastors together. The results of this co-operative effort have been heartening.

The process begins when students visit local churches to find a place where they would be comfortable working. The School of Theology co-ordinates the program, and the Conference provides a modest amount of money to fund the student labors. Students are expected to give seven hours of service weekly in whatever capacity the church, the pastor, and the student agree on. They file a report monthly with the Conference and are able to collect $200.00 per month for their efforts. One of the hours is spent in person-to-person dialog with the supervising pastor, discussing the various aspects of pastoral ministry.

Although the program has had some ups and downs in terms of process, for the most part it has been a roaring success. On the one hand, churches have served the students learning process. On the other, they have benefitted from the student labors. The students get time in service, and they get to learn about ministry from someone who is actively doing it. The longterm benefit is that the conferences get graduates who are better versed in ministry as it happens in local congregations. The School of Theology is grateful to the Upper Columbia Conference for its continuing involvement in this mentoring program. It is this kind of co-operative venture that works to the benefit of all parties interested in the advancement of Kingdom business.

Summer Evangelism

By Zdravko Stefanovic

For the second year, the School of Theology will be participating in evangelistic endeavors in Africa. This summer, our plans are to take 15 people to Lusaka, Zambia. Zambia is the home of some ten million people, many of whom need to know about Jesus Christ. Greater Lusaka, the capital city, has a population of about two million. There are seventy tribal ethnic groups that speak seventy languages, though English is widely spoken by the three main ethnic groups. Once again, this will not be a time when a "professional" does the work, and students watch. Every one who goes has a particular venue at which they will be preaching. The experience last year left vivid and beneficial memories in the minds of those who participated, enough so that we have decided to participate again.

As most can imagine, such an experience is not without its costs. Thankfully, the NPUC is giving the School of Theology a Summer Evangelism grant, and the Carolina Conference evangelism program (operated by R. Folkenberg) is giving another grant, the results of which will be a summer experience that will be affordable by students. It would be wonderful to know that there are those interested enough in this endeavor that they are praying for its success.

School of Theology Faculty


Dave Thomas, Dean Theology
Darold Bigger   Pastoral Administration
Doug Clark   Old Testament
Paul Dybdahl   Missions
New Testament
Bruce Johanson   New Testament Languages
Biblical Languages
Ron Jolliffe   Biblical Languages
Lydia Kim   IBCC Guest Lecturer
Old Testament
Pedrito Maynard-Reid   New Testament
Zdravko Stefanovic   Old Testament
Biblical Languages
Alden Thompson   Old Testament
Adventist History
Larry Veverka   Pastoral Counseling



By John Dybdahl
John Dybdahl

Transitions are often exciting but invariably challenging as well. Moving from seminary teaching to college administration is an example of that. While most days I find the demands and possibilities of administration enjoyable, I do at times acutely miss my day-to-day classroom contact with students. The transition is made easier if I remind myself of several facts:

1. Although I'm not in the classroom, what I do greatly affects students. My ideas may not be directly shared with students, but college decisions impact their lives. I can still make a difference in young people's lives.

2. In some ways the change is not as great as it seems. At the seminary as a department chair I was involved in administration. Many college leaders teach classes. I plan to teach and think it will help me do my job better. I continue to write and often speak to ministerial workers and church gatherings as I have always done.

3. I have a sense that God called me to where I am. When I remember this call it compels me to look at how God wants to use me now, right where I am since He was behind the whole thing. I also trust that He can take care of the ministry I left behind.

4. Although I knew I needed God's presence in my teaching, there was also a sense that I had done it for years and was at least adequate for it. My present job has cured me of that feeling very efficiently. I know that I need divine guidance and strength in ways I've not known before. That is a good thing.

I'm sure the hardest transition will be from meaningful ministry to retirement (a long ways off for me!), which leaves one with fewer required duties. Most days I don't have time to think a lot about what I might be missing or how I feel about things unless, of course, someone asks me to write or speak about it.

Dean's Report

By Dave Thomas
David Thomas

As the Dean of Walla Walla College's School of Theology, a school that has as a primary interest the preparation of people for various kinds of ministry, one of my great interests and concerns has to do precisely with the very people who come to our school to study and learn. Who are they? What are their abilities? What sort of character qualities do they exhibit? What are their scholarly capacities? What kind of commitments to high ideals do they hold? How connected to the Church and its mission are they? With me, these are urgent and significant questions.

I do not think it is a secret that some of the ministry professions, pastoral ministry in particular, are not enjoying the kind of good repute they once did. Several generations ago, it was the "brightest and the best" who had aspirations to enter ministry, particularly the field of public evangelism. Part of the draw to these professions was that they were highly esteemed professions, and there was the sense that those in them were making significant contributions to a grand cause. (Certainly, there was the element of a sense of God's calling, but I have noticed that when professions are held in high esteem, God seems to call more people into them!) It is my opinion that these elements of high esteem have largely disappeared. Those who announce their intentions to pursue a sense of calling into ministry are often showered with pity. In consequence, for a number of years, many of the "brightest and best" have gone on to other things.

I am happy to tell you I see a new day. I am enormously gratified by the type of students I see coming to Walla Walla College, coming to study for ministry, pastoral ministry included. By saying this, I do not mean to impugn in any way those who have come and gone before, but I do mean to say in aggregate, the students we have today are of a superior quality. They show good promise. They show solid commitment. They are keenly interested in service. I expect they will make significant contributions to church life and function when it comes their time to enter the ranks of those who work professionally in the various gospel causes. They are already contributing in important ways. I hope and pray that others will recognize their interest and abilities and give them opportunity to work in the ranks of the church employed.

For those of us who teach them, it is a constant and joyous challenge to help hone and refine their abilities in anticipation of the day they will formally join in the mission of our church. Knowledge of your prayers and support are heart-warming.


By Paul Dybdahl

The editors of this newsletter have asked me to write "a word" about my dissertation. This is a dangerous request, much like asking your neighbors to share "just a bit" about their grandchildren. I will, however, do my best to be succinct.

My Ph.D. work is in Missiology, with New Testament as a secondary area. Specifically, my research focuses on how evangelical Christians in North America present the so-called "plan of salvation" to the seeker who wants to know what they must do to be saved.

There are currently three dominant "gospel presentations," all written in the 1960s, which are employed by evangelicals in North America. The authors of each are fairly well known: Bill Bright, D. James Kennedy, and Billy Graham. Bill Bright's booklet, "The Four Spiritual Laws," has been especially influential, with more than 1.5 billion copies printed and distributed. These three presentations have pervasively and powerfully affected how most Christians view the essential gospel message.

In my dissertation, I examine these three dominant presentations and ask two basic questions. First, are they clearly understood by the average American today? Are the assumptions implicit in these presentations still safe assumptions to make? In essence, do these "gospel presentations" make sense to most North Americans? Thus far, my research has suggested that they do not communicate with clarity and impact.

Second, I suggest how Christians might better present the way of salvation to North Americans today. My suggestions arise from a study of the conversion stories in Luke-Acts. This has been the most exciting part of my study thus far. I believe that if we take Luke-Acts seriously, we will not merely employ new methods in presenting the gospel, but we will find a new message, which, ironically, has been there all along.

Theology Faculty Research, Presentations, Publications - April 2002-April 2003


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• 27-IBCC Presentation at Walla Walla College, "Speak up or Shut up! Eager Luther (Alden Thompson) and Practical Melanchthon (Dave Thomas) Address Issues in Today's Church."
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• 19-"Does God Ever Bend the Rules?" Adventist Review, 14-16.-AT

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The Jordan (Some)Times. Biweekly newsletter prepared in Jordan during sabbatical leave, winter and spring-DC

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Documenta Q: The Woes on the Pharisees to be published by the Peeters Press, in Leuven, Belgium as part of the Documenta Q series, which is publishing the work of the International Q Seminar, of which I have been an active and participating member since 1987-RJ


• Research on The Big "D" by Paul Dybdahl (see article)
• Research on a book on Textlinguistic and Literary Analysis of 1 John. Three chapters are completed and a fourth chapter has been started. Hopefully the book will be completed in rough form during this summer and ready to be sent for publication by the end of next summer-BJ
• Completed preliminary textlinguistic analysis of the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of John, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians, 2 Thessalonians, Philemon, Hebrews, and 1 Peter. While these are presently being used in my classes some of them will form the basis of future published articles and hopefully books-BJ


• 2002 Biblical Archaeology Society award for runner-up for the best article to appear in Biblical Archaeology Review in 2000 and 2001 -- Larry G. Herr and Douglas R. Clark, "Excavating the Tribe of Reuben" (March/April 2001) -- see BAR November/December 2002, p. 21-DC
• 2001-2002 Council on American Overseas Research Centers Senior Fellowship ($26,000) for continued research on Iron I domestic housing in Transjordan and Palestine at the American Center of Oriental Research, Amman, Jordan (December 2001 through June 2002)-DC
• 08 Mar 03 Richland, WA, Social Work Educator of the Year NASW, Blue Mt Region-DB

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