Meet Dave Thomas, D.Min., Dean of the School of Theology

Dave ThomasLast September, David E. Thomas assumed duties as the Dean of the School of Theology. As Dean, Dave hopes to connect the School of Theology with professional pastors. "I have a keen interest in helping mold a new generation of pastors," says Dave. He believes there is a need for good, well-informed, diligent pastors.

"The general state of pastoring in our denomination is not as good as it should be. The profession isn't highly sought after, nor is it highly prized," says Dave. He hopes to lift the profile of pastoral ministry by teaching ministerial students key elements he discovered during his years of pastoring.

Born in South Africa, Dave spent his growing up years in Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rhodesia. One memory from his early years in Africa stands out for him. The first three years of his schooling were spent on the front porch of his home in Kenya. "Some days it was hard to concentrate on studies," recalls Dave, "because the countryside presented wonderful views, and storms brewed every afternoon."

In 1961, Dave's family traveled by steamship from Southampton, England to New York City. This trip he cites as one of his most exciting adventures as he spent much time exploring the various parts of the ship. "The crew was good to kids," he recalls, "often feeding us sandwiches at tea time."

He graduated from Atlantic Union College in 1975 with a bachelors degree in theology. After graduation he continued his studies and received a Masters of Divinity degree in 1977 from the Seminary, where in 1999, he also earned a Doctorate of Ministry degree. Dave's dissertation focused on using foundational theology as an evangelistic tool to reach secularized and unchurched people.

For the past 24 years, Dave served as a pastor for the Adventist church, first in the Southern New England Conference, and for the past six years as the senior pastor for the College Place Village SDA Church. While at the Village Church he served as liaison between Village TV and Blue Mountain Television, which broadcasts the worship service of the church and other special events.

Dave has an interest in Systematic Theology and is pursuing studies in that area. He is also developing ideas for three books on marriage, evangelism, and local church issues. Dave works closely with Gospel Outreach. He will aid in the supervision and training of 100 gospel workers in South Central India.

When not teaching, writing, or dialoging with local pastors, Dave can be found driving BIG trucks, building Shaker style chests, or restoring old cars. He has restored a 1930 Model A Ford.

Dave and his wife, Loralee, have two sons, Matthew and Jonathan.

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