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School of Theology
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Statement of Mission

The Mission of the School of Theology is to encourage thoughtful interest and active participation in the Christian faith from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. In all that it does, the School of Theology is committed to the understanding that a religious education is not simply a matter of mastering certain assigned information but of being disciplined in the habits of faith. Such an education requires an integration of worship, learning, and practice directed toward religious, social, and moral transformation of the world. As Seventh-day Adventists, the teaching faculty retains the strong conviction that many of the dominant values of our culture stand in need of prophetic critique and challenge.

The School of Theology finds its major responsibilities on campus directed toward the education of general students. The goal for these students is that they will become informed, enriched, and active members of the church and their communities. In biblical courses students are introduced to the original sources of Christian Faith that continue to challenge and direct the life of faith. The actual development of biblical faith is traced in courses of archaeology and church history. The moral and social implications of faith are pursued in greater depth in courses such as Christian ethics, psychology of religion, and the sociology of religion. Recognizing that Christian Faith is located within the broader aspirations, interests, and religious experiences of human beings, a range of courses is provided in religious aesthetics and spirituality, philosophy of religion, and world religions.

For ministerial students, whose educational needs comprise another important dimension of the School of Theology's work, the goal is to develop future leaders equipped to carry on a ministry of proclamation, worship, and nurture within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This requires that the student gain not only a thorough knowledge of Christian Faith and Scripture, Biblical Languages, and Seventh-day Adventist heritage, but that they are taught the skills necessary to integrate and communicate their knowledge so as to build further the life of faith. This is accomplished through a well-established advisement program, classroom instruction based on dialogue and inquiry, and professional experiences on and off campus that give the students the opportunity to integrate their learning with practical experience. While these courses and activities are not intended to take the place of a seminary education, they are intended to provide a strong foundation in pastoral ministries.

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