Why You Should Join Us

Experience the wonder of Israel by traveling with Dr. Carl Cosaert and a small group of fellow believers on a once in a lifetime trip to the Holy Lands in June 17-28, 2012.

No place in the world has a richer spiritual significance than the narrow strip of land on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean known as Israel. Israel is the land where the major events of the Old and New Testament Scriptures occurred. It is where the boy David defeated Goliath; where Solomon built a Temple for God, and the place where prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah conducted their ministry. But most importantly for Christians, Israel is the land where Jesus was born, lived, and rose from the dead. It is here that Jesus walked on the water, healed the sick, and conquered the powers of sin and death on Calvary's cross.  This is the land were the twelve apostles proclaimed the good news of Jesus, and where Paul of Tarsus first persecuted the Christians before becoming a Christian himself. 

On this tour we will visit the most spiritually significant places in Israel and Jordan for Christians. Some of the highlights include, visiting Nazareth Village (Jesus' childhood home), Capernaum (home of Peter and the base of Jesus' ministry in Galilee), and taking a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee. We will also tour the stunning remains of Caesarea, home of Pontius Pilate and where Paul was imprisoned for several years, stand on top of Masada (Herod the Great's breathtaking desert palace fortress), walk the streets of Old Jerusalem, and much more.

A study tour like this is a once in a lifetime event. No course on the Bible, no study of geography, and no history book can ever give more insight into the Bible and its message than a personal trip to the Mediterranean world itself. It gives you the chance to hear, feel, smell, and experience the lands where Jesus walked and the Christian faith first caught fire and spread around the world. As many people have told me before, it will really make your reading of the Bible come alive.

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