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Have you ever been curious what the ancient Biblical world was like? Or have you ever wished you could have journeyed with the Apostle Paul on his missionary travels, or perhaps joined the Apostle John on Patmos, as he wrote the book of Revelation? While we can't go back to those days, you can tremendously enhance your understanding of what that ancient world was like by taking a trip to the Bible Lands themselves. This coming March the Upper Columbia Conference is sponsoring a special trip for conference teachers in the steps of the Apostles Paul and John. On this tour you will rediscover the sense of mission that captivated the Early Church and transformed the ancient world as we retrace the spread of the gospel across ancient Asia Minor, visiting the Seven Churches of Revelation and many of other churches where Paul and John ministered.

A study tour like this is a once in a lifetime event. No course on the Bible, no study of geography, and no history book can ever give more insight into the Bible and its message than a personal trip to the Mediterranean world itself. It gives you the chance to hear, feel, smell, and experience the lands where the Christian faith first caught fire and spread around the world. As many people have told me before, it will really make your reading of the Bible come alive.


The total cost for this 11 day study tour is ONLY $2,309. The price includes: round trip airfare from Spokane, WA, accommodations in 4 and 5 star hotels in Turkey, breakfast and supper, a private a/c motor-coach, entrance fees to all schedule sites, all guide and hotel tips, lunch Sabbath, and a private evening cruise on the Bosphorus. Note: The cost of the tour is based on a minimum of 40 participants and double occupancy.

The tour will be hosted by Dr. Carl P. Cosaert, associated professor of Biblical Studies at Walla Walla University. In addition to the daily devotions and Biblical insights from an Adventist perspective that Dr. Cosaert will share with the group, we will also be joined by Dr. Hakan Edirne, a professional English speaking Turkish tour guide and archaeologist, who will help us understand Turkish culture and the archaeological significance of the places we will visit. 

All you need is a little extra money for a few lunches and souvenirs! You literally cannot afford NOT to go! This is a chance of a lifetime.

Make sure you read the testimonials about the recent trips hosted by Dr. Cosaert and his friend, Dr. Hakan Edirne. 

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Space is limited, so please sign up as soon as possible!

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