The Footsteps of St. Paul and
the Seven Churches of Revelation

June 23 - July 14, 2009

Concise Trip Itinerary

Tuesday, June 23:
>Depart Portland NWA 590 at 11:39 am - Arrive Minneapolis  5:03 pm
>Depart Minneapolis NWA 46 at 7:30 pm to Amsterdam  10:50 am

Wednesday, June 24:
>Depart Amsterdam KLM 8529 at 12:00 pm - Arrive  Istanbul 4:20 pm
>Activity: Transfer to Hotel
>Hotel: Vicenza (Click Hotel Name for Link)

Thursday, June 25:
>Activity: Tour Istanbul and experience the Grand Bazaar
>Hotel: Vicenza 

Friday, June 26:
>Activity: Morning tour Istanbul, free afternoon
>Hotel: Vicenza

Saturday, June 27:
>Depart hotel to Cappadocia (via plane) at 7:45 am - Arrive 11 am
>Activity: Afternoon tour
>Hotel: Persissia 

Sunday, June 28:
>Activity: Tour Cappadocia
>Hotel: Mavi Surmeli 

Monday, June 29:
>Activity: Antioch
>Hotel: Mavi Surmeli 

Tuesday, June 30:
>Activity: Tarsus
>Hotel: Antalya Oteli

Wednesday, July 1:
>Activity: Tour Aspendos, Perge, Hierapolis
>Hotel: Richmond 

Thursday, July 2:
>Activity: Tour Laodicea, Colossae, Aphrodisias
>Hotel: Pine Bay Marina

Friday, July 3:
>Activity: Tour Didyma, Miletus, Priene
>Hotel: Pine Bay Marina

Saturday, July 4:
>Activity: Patmos
>Hotel: Pine Bay Marina

Sunday, July 5:
>Activity: Ephesus
>Hotel: Pine Bay Marina

Monday, July 6:

>Activity: Philadelphia, Sardis, Thyatira, Smyrna
>Hotel: Kaya Prestige

Tuesday, July 7:
>Activity: Pergamum, Troas
>Hotel: Kolin Hotel

Wednesday, July 8:
>Activity: Border Crossing to Greece
>Hotel: Nefeli Hotel

Thursday, July 9:
>Activity: Philippi
>Hotel: Capsis Hotel

Friday, July 10:

>Activity: Thessaloniki
>Hotel: Hotel Meteora

Saturday, July 11:
>Activity: Meteora
>Hotel: Hotel Amalia

Sunday, July 12:
>Activity: Delphi
>Hotel: Hotel Stanley

Monday, July 13:
>Activity: Athens and Corinth
>Hotel: Hotel Stanley

Tuesday, July 14:
>Depart Athens KLM 8440 at 5:00 am - Arrive  Amsterdam 7:30 am
>Depart Amsterdam Delta 791 at 10:30 am - Arrive  Portland 12:05 pm








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