Athletics/Student Life Visual Identity Project

Walla Walla University seeks proposals from qualified design and marketing firms for an athletics visual identity system to be used for the colleges NAIA Association of Independent Institutions athletics program, intramural and club sports programs, and various student life programs.



Founded in 1892, Walla Walla University is a private, liberal arts college offering a range of professional, liberal arts, and technical programs, offering majors in 42 undergraduate areas of study. The university enrolls more than 1,900 students, and most attend the university’s flagship campus in College Place, Wash. Graduate programs are offered in biology, education, psychology and social work. Satellite campuses include a School of Nursing campus in Portland, Ore., a marine biology station near Anacortes, Wash., and School of Social Work and Sociology campuses in Missoula and Billings, Mont.

Imbued in academics and extracurricular programs on the WWU campus is an emphasis on service. Approximately 80 students each year serve in the student missionary programs as teachers, and in other capacities around the world.

Affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Walla Walla University is dedicated to exceptional education shaped by core Christian values.


Additional facts about WWU:

Our surroundings: The University is nestled against the Blue Mountains in Southeast Washington State, in a picturesque valley known for its mild climate and rich soils. Recognized as Washington’s breadbasket, the area is known for its agriculture—especially wheat, sweet onions, apples, asparagus, strawberries and grapes—and active Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Nearby Walla Walla, population 30,128, has been recognized as “America’s Friendliest Small Town” by USA Today and Rand McNally. It is home to an all-American downtown corridor and 20 public parks, which offer miles of recreational trails. It boasts a vibrant dining and cultural arts scene, including the oldest continuously operating symphony west of the Mississippi. Walla Walla is also home to the Walla Walla Sweets, a West Coast League baseball team. The university is located about three miles west of Walla Walla in College Place, WA, population 8,980.

Our students: Nearly 40% of our students are from out of state, and their average age is 22. We are a residential community where students live and learn in a unique, community-oriented atmosphere—more than 75% of undergraduate students live in college-owned, college-operated or college-affiliated housing, making Walla Walla University one of the most residential universities among our competitors.

Our ministries: At the core of every student’s experience is ample opportunity to find and nurture a relationship with Christ. Corporate and personal worship opportunities, volunteer ministries, small groups, intercessory prayer and community service options comprise a robust ministries program.


Athletic programs and identity at WWU

WWU is a member of the NAIA Association of Independent Institutions, and offers the following varsity teams:

Women: basketball, fast-pitch softball, and volleyball.

Men: basketball and soccer.

We are associate members of the National Association of Interscholastic Athletics, and members of the United States Collegiate Athletics Association and Pacific Coast Athletics Conference (men's basketball).

The university also offers intramurals in floor hockey, football, basketball, softball, soccer and volleyball, as well as club sports in volleyball and ice hockey.

In the early 1990s, the university voted to adopt the wolf as an athletic mascot. The university’s teams are officially known as “The Wolves,” and sometimes referred to as the “Wolf Pack” or “The Pack.” Occasionally, the athletic complex is casually referred to as the “wolf den.”


Current university branding

Our colors are green and orange, reflecting the deep green leaves and bright orange berries of the Mountain Ash tree. Campus signage reflects the deep green color, and campus décor generally themes around earth tones with hints of the university’s primary color palette (see attached).

The university’s primary logo is the column, which is printed in black, reverse-out white, or occasionally the university’s deep green color. Primary university fonts are Fairfield and Gotham



This project will develop a standard secondary visual identity system for Walla Walla University’s sports and student life programs. The system should include logo designs that incorporate a wolf (or variations on that theme) and the university’s name. Deliverables should include logo variations, font and color guidelines and a visual identity guide.  The visual identity system should align with the university’s messages, primary visual identity, and existing branding guidelines.

The system will be used on apparel, in university publications, on signage and electronic communications, and potentially as artwork on university property (such as gym floor or walls).

Key stakeholders have described the ideal identity system in the following ways:

It should be timeless, with a shelf life that lasts for years (such as the logo for Washington State University).

It should have a sense of dignity or valor to it (vs. something that is menacing, scrappy or edgy).

It should incorporate the wolf theme somehow.

It shouldn’t be overly ferocious, angry or violent in its appearance.

It should be flexible so that different teams can be noted alongside the logo.

It should be retail-friendly—one- or two-color logos have been suggested by Barnes & Noble, our Walla Walla University Bookstore managers. Additionally, the logo would need to appear on multiple retail items, ranging from shirts to letterhead to keychains.

WWU would like to unveil the new logo system no later than April 15, 2014.



Qualified design or marketing firms are invited to engage Walla Walla University in a discovery process to identify the university’s existing graphic tools and processes, to clarify branding requirements, and to answer any additional questions.

Following the discovery process, the vendor will present three variations of a design for review by the university. University representatives will consider each submission, and select a designer/design that best represents the university’s expectations for this project. Once that one designer/design is selected, the designer agrees to work with the university for up to two rounds of refinements. A final design will be presented to and must be approved by WWU administration.

Upon final approval, the vendor will:

Provide electronic files in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop format for both the design’s graphics and text. Files will include all format, color and size variations.

Develop specification guidelines for colors in Pantone and web hexadecimal format.

Include typography specifications.

Create and provide a visual identity guide in Microsoft Word, explaining the design’s perspective, and protocols for its use in common situations.

The final design will be the property of Walla Walla University, which may apply for copyright or trademark protection of all images.



Provide a general description of your organization and its previous work in this area.

Include biographies or resumes of those working directly on this project.

Submit examples of other work in this area, and contact information for references.

Describe the project and your proposed timeline (note that WWU would like to unveil the new logo system no later than April 15, 2014).

Provide full cost information for this project.

Submit proposals to:

Marketing and University Relations Office at Walla Walla University:

204 S. College Ave, College Place, WA, 99324


Phone: (509) 527-2656

Proposals are due no later than November 8, 2013.

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