Tech Supper Breakfast Style

By: Sandra Hickethier

The smell of French toast wafted down the halls of the Canaday Technology Center Thursday evening as herds of technology students and faculty gathered to eat breakfast for dinner.

Brent Bergherm, instructor of technology, sat in front of the stove shoveling freshly made French toast from the pan into serving containers. Hungry students lined up on either side of the serving table to fill their plates with toast, vegetarian sausages, frozen fruit, and a variety of scrumptious toppings to sweeten the deal.

“I cooked French toast for two hours straight,” said Bergherm, who was the main cook for the event.

As more and more people filed into classroom 129, Department Chair Linda Felipez orchestrated the proceedings masterfully and efficiently, making sure nobody left the room with an empty stomach.

While this extravagance may seem like a novelty, it happens in one form or another once every quarter. The technology departments calls it their “Tech Supper,” where technology majors, minors, faculty, and staff can come and enjoy a free meal prepared by the department.

Every quarter, for over fifteen years, hungry technology students have been able to come, eat good food, and most importantly socialize.

“I think [tech suppers] started before I got here,” said Jennifer James, who has been the technology department’s office manager since 1997.

In many ways, the technology department is three departments in one. The department encompasses aviation, design, and automotive. Because of the diverse majors that fall under the banner of “technology,” students from one discipline don’t often get the chance to interact with students from the other two.

“We have so many people in very diverse fields,” Bergherm said. “We just don’t normally see each other every day (fellow students and faculty alike). Doing events like this brings us together and that’s good all around.”

“They help connect people with their peers in a relaxing environment,” Charlie Moore, senior industrial design major, said. “I go to them whenever they don’t conflict with my other plans.”

To split the labor, each disciple takes one of the quarters to host the tech supper. Fall quarter tech suppers are put on by automotive, design hosts winter quarter, and spring quarter falls to aviation.

Technology is not the only department to host dinners for its students, but it may be the most frequent and most advertised.

“I don’t really hear many other departments doing suppers like ours,” James said. “If they happen, they definitely aren’t as advertised as much as ours is.”

The communications department also hosts dinners for its students, often consisting of a soup and bread cook-off between members of the faculty.

Published January 28, 2013

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