Campus Ministries Gets Facelift

By: Sandra Hickethier

Every year, Walla Walla University’s Graphic Services class seeks to make the campus a bit more attractive. This year, the class is taking on Campus Ministries.

Taught by Dr. Linda Felipez, professor of technology and chair of the Technology Department, the class is tasked with rebranding a department or office on campus. Rebranding can involve modernizing or redesigning the department’s logo, choosing a new color scheme for department materials, and redesigning current department materials, like brochures, posters and websites.

“The Senior design majors are working with Paddy McCoy and Chris Drake tor redesign all print media as well as updating the website,” Felipez said.

The Campus Ministries has two major offices that the class will be rebranding: the Campus Ministries office itself and Student Missions. The Graphic Services class will be rebranding both.

“We want to bring the two halves together under one branding,” Lucas Anderson, art director for the Graphic Services class, said. “Campus Ministries has a strong presence on campus with all of their posters and a recognizable logo. We want to update this presence and make a pair of logos that shows people the two departments are under the same roof.”

The Campus Ministries logo can be seen all over campus on the various posters they put out, advertising events like vespers. Other materials include a brochure to parents and prospective students.

The bulk of Student Missions’ material is internal, which include packets given to students interested in becoming missionaries.

The team this year consists of only four members: Anderson as the Art Director, Amber Sheppler and Jillian Vaughn as the Graphic Designers, and Brett Jackson as the Web Designer.

“We have some great people on our team this year,” Sheppler said. “Each of our skills falls into specific categories that will mesh very well with each other.”

In the past few years, the Graphic Services class has rebranded the School of Nursing and the Physical Education Department.

Dr. Felipez designed the class to work as if it were a real-life design firm. At the beginning of the quarter, students make a case for why they think they are the best choice for the position of Art Director. The Art Director is the leader of the group. He chooses the creative direction that the group takes during rebranding, and has the final say on all design decisions.

After the Art Director is chosen, he and Dr. Felipez listen as the rest of the students vie for the remaining roles. These include Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Production Manager, Web Designer, and Illustrator.

This approach allows the students to experience what it feels like to work as a team in an environment similar to that in the job field. It also allows the students become familiar with how to interact with professional clients, and lets them add it to their portfolios for perspective employers to see.

Published January 21, 2013

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