Our Mission Statement

In this day and age, with such an abundance of information at our disposal, it can be a daunting task to put it all together—to think greatly. The great minds of today's world need specialized tools and techniques to leave the competition dumfounded. WWU's Technology Department helps you develop a great mind and repertoire which demonstrates real world skills, for real world jobs. And, there's more. The Technology department offers you the unique opportunity to combine valuable experience and essential skills with the mind, body and spiritual expansion you can get only from a Christian liberal arts education. So, you get more than just a great mind. Here you get to explore and understand—that which feeds your soul. You also get hirability; the "what and why and how"—that which feeds your family. Whether you're just exploring college options or looking for a career direction, we're here to help prepare people for a great life.

Technology Choices

The Bachelor of Science degree in Technology provides a choice of majors from which the student can choose. The technical majors include Automotive Service, Aviation Technology, Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Wed Design. Additionally, and co-offered with the WWU School of Business, are Automotive Management and Aviation Management. Each of the seven majors include a number of core courses specifically designed to provide a broad technical and academic experience. Along with the technical expertise, these programs provide communication, writing and people skills through the general studies program of the university. This combination provides the student with exemplary skills for today’s workplace.

The Associate of Science degree in Technology is offered with majors in Automotive Technology, Aviation Technology and Graphic Communications. Each program is designed to prepare graduates for employment in that particular field. In each case, a strong technical background is offered balancing theory with hands-on lab experience. These programs are especially designed to serve students who wish to complete their technical training in a Christian environment with minimal General Studies and time requirements. The programs are planned so that continuing in the baccalaureate program may readily occur.

The Department of Technology offers minors in a variety of technical areas. The Photography minor is available for students who choose to specialize in photography using both traditional and digital media. A minor in Technology provides the student with technical knowledge and skill development in a variety of areas including Machining, Welding and Woods. The Aviation, Graphic Arts and Web Design minors offer students in other major fields of study the opportunity to add these specialty studies.

Photography Credits

- Alyssa Stanley (student): Faculty bio and student photos for Automotive, Aviation, and Design.

- Brian Hernandez (alumnus): Flight Simulator photos on the Aviation Photos page and the Aviation Facility page.

- Carissa Hosey (student): Some Design photos.

- Patricia Roe (student): Some Automotive photos.

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