Two Year Course

The two-year program teaches to ten core competencies. The first year focuses on foundation competencies of generalist social work practice, while the second year advances student skills in clinical social work practice with individuals, groups, and families.

In the first year, all students must take foundation courses that provide knowledge and skill in generalist practice. The only exception are those students who have completed the core curriculum at the undergraduate level and have a BSW. These students may be admitted with advanced standing if GPA and other admission criteria are met (see Advanced Standing section below for further information).

In the second year of the program, both the two year student and the advanced standing student take core courses that teach to competency in a variety of clinical practice settings with individuals, families, and groups. The program offers elective course work in several areas of practice emphasis: health and mental health, children and families, school social work, addiction, aging, and child welfare.

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