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About Us

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Walla Walla University Vision Statement

A Christian community of faith and discovery committed to:

  • Excellence in thought 
  • Generosity in service
  • Beauty in expression
  • Faith in God 

Wilma Hepker School of Social Work and Sociology Vision, Mission and Value Statements

Our Vision is:

A transforming learning community committed to excellence in scholarship, integrity in discourse, Christian faith, life-affirming values and ennobling service. 

Our Mission is to: 

  • Affirm the dignity and worth of every person
  • Prepare social work leaders in education, professional practice and public service—who challenge injustice and advance a more caring society 
  • Change the world around us through compassionate service 
  • Our Values affirm the mission of Walla Walla University, are expressive of its highest ideals and include the following:
  • Individual freedom, dignity and self-determination
  • Empowerment of people to make life-affirming choices·
  • Service to humanity, with particular emphasis on issues of social and economic justice and human rights
  • Cultural competence and respect for individual differences
  • Advocacy for individual, institutional and societal well-being
  • Professional ethics, integrity, humility and civility in human interaction
  • Quality teaching and best practices in classroom and field instruction
  • Programs oriented in current sociology and social work theoretical perspectives
  • Personal attention to student growth and development within a holistic framework
  • A strong emphasis in BSW on knowledge and competence in generalist social work practice
  • A strong emphasis in MSW on advanced clinical knowledge and competence rooted in generalist social work practice
  • Creativity and curiosity, building on foundational ideas and current research
  • Collaboration within the University, our surrounding communities and with other institutions of higher learning 

Our Business is:

To work collaboratively within the University and the mission of Seventh-day Adventist higher education to provide a quality educational program that prepares graduates from a wide background of experiences and traditions for leadership roles in sociology and generalist and advanced clinical social work practice.

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