12/31/10 2:43 pm Age: 5 yrs

School of Nursing Wins $2,000 Prize


By: Becky St. Clair

SimMan add-ons enhance nursing program

As three Walla Walla University nursing professors sat at a conference a few months ago, they had no idea they’d be going home with more than they’d bargained for.  The conference was organized for schools who use SimMan, a robotic “patient” that can simulate health issues, giving students practice taking vitals and running tests on a semi-real person.

The whole morning portion was spent on how to talk the administrators into buying a SimMan, and since the School of Nursing already had one, the professors weren’t too interested.  However, after that the conference got much more interesting.  

“The afternoon was much better as we learned how to make homemade concoctions of different types of body waste that nurses have to know how to deal with on a regular basis,” says Michaelynn Paul, assistant professor of nursing.  “These concoctions allow our nursing students to safely learn how to handle various situations.”

At the end of the conference came the highlight of the day: a drawing for a grand prize, which Paul was fortunate enough to win.  Her prize: A set of trauma add-ons for SimMan, a value of around $2,000.

“The set included an abdomen which is eviscerating, an arm that shows what an infiltration would look like, a very septic foot and other traumatic things,” says Paul.  “The set has really enhanced the reality of our simulated situations for the nursing students.

For more information about the School of Nursing at WWU, click the link below.

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