10/28/10 9:39 am Age: 5 yrs

School of Nursing Receives Ventilator


By: Becky St. Clair

Donation enhances skills lab

The Portland campus received a donation of an older model ventilator when the local Adventist hospital acquired newer models.

Last month, Walla Walla University’s School of Nursing campus in Portland, Ore., received a donation of a ventilator.

“Up until now we had basically been playing make-believe in our skills lab,” says Lucy Krull, the school’s dean.  “We had rigged up a bunch of tubing we told students to pretend was the vent.”

Ventilators are machines patients are put on when they are unable to breathe for themselves.  Machines such as this are used in Intensive Care Units of hospitals.  While the machine the school received was an older model, it still functions.

“In the past we did our best to teach the students how to use a ventilator and then we would take them over to Adventist Medical Center and spend a bit of time with one of theirs,” explains Krull.  “But if things were busy in ICU, we’d get bumped.”

The ventilator donation was a gift from AMC when the hospital purchased newer models.  The one donated to the School of Nursing is about the size of a 3-drawer filing cabinet on wheels, while the new machines are tabletop models.

Now that the school has its own, professors are able to teach everything they need to, including using the machines themselves, in their own skills labs.

“We are so grateful for the donation of this ventilator,” says Krull.  “It helps immensely to have one right there in the lab on which the students can hone their skills.”

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