Prerequisites - for Summer Program at Portland Campus

Here is a general overview of the prerequisite courses you need in order to transfer into Walla Walla University's Portland campus' summer program.  See the "Transfer Guide" for more specific information on which courses transfer from colleges in the local Portland area.

The credit hours listed below are for the quarter system.  If your credits are from a semester school, just multiply them by 1.5 for the quarter equivalent.  (Example: 3 credit semester class = 4.5 quarter credits.)

Anatomy & Physiology: a full sequence of at least 12 credits with labs.
Microbiology: usually 4-5 credits with labs.
Chemistry: at least 8 credits with labs.  It can be Intro to Organic/Inorganic, or Biochemistry.
Nutrition: usually 4 credits.
General Psychology: 3-4 credits.
General Sociology: 3-4 credits.
Human Growth & Development: must be through the lifespan.
Statistics: must be descriptive and inferential.  An additional math class is not required for the nursing major but at local community colleges, Statistics usually has a prerequisite math class of at least 100 level.  Statistics classes with prefixes other than MATH or STATS may not be adequate.
Writing/English Comp: 6 credits of College Writing/English Comp and 3 credits of Research Writing.
P.E.: two activity courses, 1 credit each, such as tennis and aerobics.
History: at least 3-4 credits in U.S. History, World History, or Western Civilization.  A total of 8 credits are required for graduation.
Humanities: at least 6 credits in general literature, general philosophy, art or music appreciation/history, but no more than 8 credits in any one category.  These are the only courses that will count towards humanities at WWU.  A total of 12 credits are required for graduation.
Helpful Courses--these classes are offered at WWU Portland campus, but it is OK if you already have them: Speech (public speaking or small group); Privilege & Oppression (or Cultural Anthropology).

Important Notes

  • Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, and Microbiology classes that are more than five years old are not accepted.
  • No grade lower than C is accepted in all nursing cognate prerequisites.
  • All transfer courses must be 100 level or above.
  • Advance placement credit must be documented.
  • The School of Nursing reserves the right to revise, add or withdraw courses as necessary to ensure a quality nursing program.
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