Our Students...

  • have clinical nursing experiences in a variety of settings, including community hospitals, service agencies, home care and extended care facilities, and schools.
  • graduate with Bachelor of Science degrees, majoring in nursing (a four-year degree).
  • are, upon graduation, eligible to apply for licensing exams (NCLEX-RN) in Washington, Oregon, or any other U.S. jurisdiction.

The School of Nursing...

  • is a Seventh-day Adventist university, welcoming students wishing to study in a Christian environment.
  • is fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.
  • prepares professional nurses to function in a variety of settings and to provide a foundation for graduate study.

There are two campuses...

College Place, Washington

  • Located in a rural setting in Eastern Washington, near the town of Walla Walla. Total student population: about 1,600.
  • This is the main campus where beginning freshmen take general education and cognate courses; and, upon acceptance, take sophomore nursing courses.
  • Application deadline: April 15 (for College Place campus, fall term).
  • After the end of the sophomore year, nursing students move to the Portland area to continue studies at Portland campus. A dormitory, Hansen Hall, is located in Portland.

Portland, Oregon

  • This is where all junior and senior nursing courses are taught. Student population: 120-140.
  • Each summer, the Portland campus offers an entry program for transfer students who have completed the required prerequisites.
  • Application deadline: February 1 (for Portland Campus, summer program).
  • There are entry options for RNs and LPNs who wish to earn bachelor's degrees.
  • This campus is adjacent to Adventist Medical Center, where students will have some clinical experience.
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