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WWU Student Wins National Student Health 101 Video Contest


By: Rachel Wood

Logan Villarreal’s “In a World” Health Trailer

Logan Villarreal, "In A World" film creator and WWU graduating senior.

Walla Walla University student Logan Villarreal created the winning video in the Student Health 101 health trailer video contest. His video entitled “In a World,” is featured on the cover of Student Health 101’s June 2014 e-magazine. The video and the e-magazine can be viewed at

Student Health 101 is an e-magazine sent out by WWU Campus Health and Wellness. Its purpose is to provide students with an opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle, balancing scholastic endeavors with physical needs while at WWU.

Villarreal, the film's creator and WWU graduating senior, shares his inspiration for the video. "I first heard about the competition through Donna Chinn at campus health, who gave me a heads up about the competition. When I got sick - too much sugar and studying - my voice dropped an octave to this kind of Don LaFontaine 'movie trailer guy' state, I knew that it was gold. My unhealthy lifestyle would help in creating a video promoting health."

Starring Kenenth Johnston, “In a World” presents healthy living guidelines from the CDC. Johnston enacts these guidelines in various environments, all while wearing a classy, two-piece black suit with a red necktie.

"Kenny and I had a lot of fun dressing up and making the film. To make Kenny feel comfortable working out in a suit, I dressed up to film, too," Villarreal says.

Some of the topics covered in the video include washing your hands, brushing your teeth, avoiding sodium, and exercising.

Honesty and integrity enabled Villarreal’s video to win the contest. It was discovered that some of the contestants were cheating to get more votes. Emily Rodil of Student Health 101 reports, “Our production team actually discovered that some of the contestants were cheating, and using other methods to get votes. So we deleted the fraudulent votes, and after doing so, Logan ended up on top!”

Villarreal had made up his mind to maintain integrity during the voting period. "We decided early on to play honestly and lose gracefully. On the books, we ended with 5% of the total votes. It's much to our surprise and excitement to see that, in this case, playing by the rules was rewarded. Thank you to all who voted and shared in this competition."

Published June 12, 2014.

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