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Three New Cabins Under Construction at Rosario Beach


By: Rachel Wood

60 Maranatha Volunteers Aim for June 2014 Completion

Construction progress as of May 5 at Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory.

Volunteers at the Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory are building three new cabins on its campus. The plan is to have the cabins be ready for students who will be taking summer session this year.

Each cabin is two stories, equipped with two bathrooms and a tankless hot water heater. These tankless hot water heaters are new additions compared to the other cabins. The benefit of this alternative water heating process is that it will be much more convenient for students by providing a continuous supply of hot water.

The construction of these cabins was made possible by two donors and the Walla Walla University Class of 1962. One cabin is sponsored by Carmen (Miller) Graham, a 1956 graduate and Richard Graham, also a 1956 graduate.

A second cabin is sponsored by Jack Hilde, a former WWU pre-professional student and Joan (Vestner) Hilde, a 1961 graduate.

The third cabin is sponsored by the Class of 1962 in honor of their 50th year reunion. In April, one of the 1962 class members, Sandy Love-Dahl and her husband, John Dahl, celebrated their anniversary at the Rosario Beach while volunteering with Maranatha to construct the cabin.

During the cabin construction project, 60 Maranatha volunteers have been constructing the cabins. Maranatha Volunteers International is a global non-profit organization that gathers volunteers to construct essential buildings and provide service opportunities in communities at home and abroad.

Groundbreaking for the cabins began in August 2013 and the project is scheduled to wrap up in June 2014, just in time for Rosario Beach students to settle in for summer session.

Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. To mark this milestone, a special anniversary celebration will be held during Rosario Alumni Weekend, August 22-24.

For more information about the construction project, or to donate to the project, contact Dorita Tessier at (509) 527-2646 or

Published May 7, 2014.

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