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01/30/14 11:58 am Age: 2 yrs

Professor of History to Share Overseas Experiences


By: Jaci Shankel

Monty Buell to Present "Away From Home"

Photo by Chris Drake

On Tuesday, February 4, Monty Buell, a professor of history at Walla Walla University, will be speaking on his extensive travel experiences of the last year. His presentation, titled “Away From Home,” will begin at 11 a.m. in the University Church. 

While on a leave of absence last year, Buell took the time to experience new cultures and the unfamiliar idea of slow travel. Beginning by traveling across the Pacific Ocean via cargo ship, he arrived in Japan and continued through China, Vietnam, and Malaysia, eventually making it to Thailand. After setting up base in a small town in Thailand, he then journeyed through Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. 

Through his travels, Buell was able to “experience other cultures in non-traditional ways.” 

The lecture will also be accompanied by spectacular images from the various locations. 


Published Thursday, Jan. 30

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