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Positive Life Radio Listeners to Buy 216 Tons of Rice for Cambodians


This Year's Campaign Will Help Feed 8,640 Families For a Month

Rice donated in 2012 is distributed.

Setan Lee, founder of TransformAsia, speaks with a Positive Life Radio listener. TransformAsia and Musicianaries are two organizations that partner each year with Positive Life Radio in sponsoring the Rice for Cambodia Campaign.

With hearts and pocketbooks, Positive Life Radio listeners quickly bridged the 7,500 miles from the West Coast of the United States to the country of Cambodia. During the 15th annual Rice for Cambodia Campaign, which recently ended, listeners pledged $129,610. This amount will buy 216 tons of rice, which will feed 8,640 families for a month.

“Through the years I’ve heard about this project but never have taken the opportunity to participate,” says Paul Richardson, Positive Life Radio general manager. “Having recently joined the staff of Positive Life Radio as general manager of the network, I’ve been deeply involved in this year’s collaboration of compassion. What a great opportunity to look beyond the Inland Northwest to the international needs that are within our ability to affect for good.”

Elizabeth Nelson, midday host, recalls a particularly memorable experience with one family. “Two young children, a brother and a sister, decided to pool their money and sponsor a 50-pound bag of rice. That’s enough to feed a family for a month. After hearing that her children were sponsoring a bag, their mother decided to donate $100,” Nelson says.

During the three-day campaign, station employees were joined by volunteers and student workers. Also part of the event were TransformAsia ( and Musicianaries ( - partnering organizations that help fund and distribute the rice.

“One-hundred percent of the funding goes for rice. That’s something you don’t often see,” says Ernest Beck, program director.

The rice will be distributed in July 2014. For more information about the campaign, call Positive Life Radio at 1-800-355-4757, or visit  

Published Thursday, Nov. 21

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