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New Scholarship Program


By: Kristi Spurgeon

adds more dollars to student aid packages

An Adventist college is too expensive. It’s better to attend a community college first. We can barely afford academy tuition, we’ll never be able to afford college fees.

Walla Walla College financial aid counselors hear these statements on a regular basis. But this year they’re hoping to change these assumptions thanks to an increase in financial aid dollars.

“One assumption students make is that they can’t afford Walla Walla College,” says Cassie Ragenovich, director of student financial services. “But I always encourage them to fill out the financial aid application and talk to us here on campus. They’re often amazed at the amount of financial aid they receive.”

The average financial aid package for a family last year was $17,448, with the average family contribution at $4,006 for the year. That’s less than many families pay for their child’s academy tuition and less than the cost of most public colleges.

The financial aid package at WWC this year is even better, meaning more students will receive even more money. Beyond scholarships and state and federal loans, WWC has $37 million to award based on need. In addition, the college is expanding its merit-based awards to four years. That means incoming students who qualify for the awards will not only receive that money their freshman year, but each subsequent year they attend WWC. That can add up to nearly $22,000 over four years.

Find out more about the financial aid options available for the 2006-07 school year by calling (800) 541-8900. To help estimate your potential financial aid package, a financial aid calculator is available at the Student Financial Services website at

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