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Jesus’ Hands and Feet: WWU Portland Students


By: Rachel Wood

ASWWU Spiritual VP’s Reach Out to Portland Homeless

WWU Portland students hand out lunches and blankets to the homeless.

Led by ASWWU Spiritual VP’s Khrystyna Pavlyuk and Danica Ford, students from WWU’s Portland Campus went out Saturday February 22 to distribute blankets and coats and lunches to the homeless on the streets of Portland.

Originally planned for February 8, the Portland Outreach was rescheduled to the 22nd due to bad weather. This schedule change provided more time to raise funds to apply to the outreach – the ASWWU Spiritual Team set out change collection jars and raised $130. This money and funds provided by ASWWU, provided enough means to create 140 lunches for the homeless. Each lunch included a turkey sandwich, a banana, some mandarins, granola bars, flavoring packets, and a bottle of water.

Besides distributing lunches to the homeless on the streets of Portland, the 15 outreach participants also handed out blankets and coats that were collected by the College Place Campus during Fall Quarter.

“It was a huge blessing to go out there,” says Khrystyna Pavlyuk. “We did not want to just go to a shelter and drop everything off, we wanted the experience of being out there in the middle of where they all hang out, so we went to the streets of Portland.”

Some of the students had opportunities to pray with some of the homeless. “One guy told us that we were his angels,” Pavlyuk recalls. “That was really sweet and it was a truly great experience.”

Each student at this year’s Portland Outreach utilized their talents to share with every person the truth that God will always love them and care for them.

Only half of the blankets and coats were distributed on February 22, and Portland ASWWU Spiritual is planning another distribution event on Sat. March 8 at 3 p.m. to deliver these items to those in need.

Published March 6, 2014.

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