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06/04/14 12:41 pm Age: 1 year

Gospel Research Scholarship Awarded to Three Theology Majors


Francia, Wilkinson, and Martin Awarded by Screaming Rock Media

Guillermo Francia

Jacob Wilkinson

Tyler Martin

Three junior theology students each received a $5000 scholarship from the ministry Screaming Rock. Guillermo Francia, Jacob Wilkinson, and Tyler Martin will be able to apply these scholarship toward their senior year tuition. 

Screaming Rock Media is a non-profit ministry whose mission is to promote the gospel,

Director Stephen McCandless says, “We were sitting in a board meeting discussing ways to encourage our young people to discover for themselves the Good News that we as Adventists are called to share with the world. The idea was suggested that we offer a scholarship and by the end of the meeting we had commitments for four $5,000 scholarships. We asked Walla Walla University School of Theology dean, Dave Thomas, if this would be an effective and welcome project. He said this was the type of scholarship his department had been looking for.” 

Applicants researched this message, wrote an essay and presented a sermon on the subject. They were then interviewed on their experience. The enthusiasm, essay and interview of each recipient revealed the depth of their research as well their desire to assimilate the gospel message into their lives and ministry. 

Screaming Rock Media would like to thank Walla Walla University School of Theology for the opportunity and joy of being a part of the journey of these amazing young people.

The students’ interviews describing their experiences can be viewed at

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