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09/06/05 11:07 am Age: 10 yrs

Construction begins!


By: Kristi Spurgeon

on new Ad Building

Heavy machinery and busy workers filled the once-empty ground at the center of the Walla Walla College campus as construction began on the new Administration Building today.

Leone & Keeble, Inc. is the Spokane company in charge of constructing the new college icon. The building was designed by Salmon Bay Design and Professional Practice Environment. The new building will resemble the original Administration Building and will house administrative offices, as well as the academic departments of history, theology, and English.

“It’s exciting to see the beginning stages of construction,” says Manford Simcock, vice president for financial administration. “The Administration Building is a central part of our campus and it is gratifying to see this progress being made.”

Construction is expected to last through 2006 and even those not living near campus will be able to keep an eye on the progress. Watch for information about a construction web page featuring photos, frequent updates, and a web cam.

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