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Coat and Blanket Distribution February 8


By: Rachel Wood

Portland and College Place Campuses Work Together to Help the Homeless

Photo by Chris Drake.

On Sabbath, February 8, Portland Campus’ ASWWU Spiritual Vice Presidents Danica Ford and Khrystyna Pavlyuk will lead a downtown ministry event, delivering food, warm coats and blankets to homeless people in downtown Portland.
In preparation for this outreach, ministry organizers on the College Place campus have conducted a blanket and coat drive in Walla Walla. Campus ministry staff member Ellie Veverka and WWU students Rychelle Willis and Kaci Crook kicked off the blanket drive in November.
During the last four months, community members have donated more than 400 blankets and 500 coats, as well as many hats, gloves, and socks. Some coats and blankets have been delivered to some local shelters and other social service agencies such as Helpline, BMAC, and the Christian Aid Center.

“The donations are greatly appreciated by each organization we have donated to,” Willis says.

In addition to donations being distributed in Portland on February 8, other supplies are going to Seattle, where participants of the One Project, will deliver supplies to DESC, a mission in downtown Seattle that helps the homeless.

Published Feb. 6, 2014.

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